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    and holiest of holy shit....

    I just saw right now that it has been posted about on Hassan Campell's facebook page....

    and the guy who committed suicide was VERY well known in the UK hip hop scene... fuck, this is just way too messed up.

    Yeah he was very well known and I knew him but not in the hip hop world, I knew him briefly after that around the start of 2002 in London where I used to see him at certain meetings and we would speak and have a laugh as he was a cool brother. I still play his music to this day. R.I.P. I never spoke to him about Hip Hop though. It was just never brought up by him or me even though I knew full well who he was as it wasn't all that long after his brief time on the UK Rap scene. Also he was known by his Hip Hop name in these meetings too (I never ever found out his real name!). These meetings by the way, well lets just say are a form of self help/group help support based meetings. He didn't even know I knew him from back then either as I didn't mention it. I regret that now.

    I aint been on this site from time. I used to post as Kerode my old school name from the late 80's back when I was part of a rap group called Power to the Max. We had some studio time paid for by Rham Records but we're never released due to the M.C going on all Hollywood on me. Same as my old mate General Burner from Formby who also had studio time from the same label which released 'A Guy Called Gerald's - Voodoo Ray who we met when we went to manc-chester to meet the label owners and he Gerald who was super cool by the way, said to us he heard our demo and liked it. Check out the record on that label by Grand Groove too by the way it's dope!

    I never heard about the Bam rumours though, until now and I met Bam as well, in NYC in 2006 at a b-boy jam in Brooklyn which was a dope day as I had met Caz earlier that day too during the tour he used to do of the old Hip Hop spots on the bus. I also met Cozmo in A1 in NYC records and bought both his album CD's off him in there and he signed my Sunnyview Jam On Revenge 12.

    Anyway some nasty mancs that used to post on here and on other forums/blogs made me stay away so thats why I did and I still hate mancs too even though Gerald did prove me wrong about them as he was cool and he was big at the time with his record which is one of the only house records I've ever liked . Also Martin from 808 state who worked in Easter Bloc was cool too..... Peace