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    njoy. its older, dont think I ever shared it here. :uglylol:

    Can someone please help me understand more about this genre of music... what comes to your mind when you hear this music or the name of genre? Is it break beat, straight beat? Both?

    I want to make music and pick a style and I have a lot of flavors I would love to get into, but electro-bass/breaks is really my favorite style of EDM.

    Hey Everyone! Im new to the community!

    A lil bout me, I love electronic music... lol and I like making music, painting, and Im just starting out making video animations as well. I use Reason and Acid Pro, I love mixing with vinyls and have some old school electro vinyls from electrowax days and before...

    some of my biggest influence in the Electro scene would be like Illektrolab, AS1, Morphogenic, Drexcyia, Darxid, Boris Divider, Anthony Rother, etc. Too many to list to be honest!
    I love house, techo, breaks, and several other genres not electronic based like jazz or rock, Pink Floyd, etc... Hendrix.. :)

    I started playing guitar when I was a kid, and never tried drums but could always keep a beat with my feet and hands. I can play a little keyboard, not much of a pianist though. Im looking to get back into it and Ive got a new machine, three screens and some more gear coming, monitors are next.

    I would love to find some hints and tips in using Reason to helping me make those crafty sounds, that give distinctness in ones music... Illektrolab has one in their bass kicks and bass lines, every major artist has their niche, I have been searching thru genres, I always feel differently as to what kind of music i want to make and come out with... but Ive narrowed it down to three various types in general. Thanks for reading my intro thread, hope to chat on the forums! cya around!