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    I come, bearing great news - at least I am excited about this:

    We thought that this album was too great to just let it starve in its digital offside.
    Therefore, from 1st of December on you can acquire this fine piece of music on vinyl containing braindance-electro hybrids recorded during late night hardware jams by a group of 2-4 sound conductors.

    Kurt Y. Gödel - Axiomatic System [YUYAY Records]

    8 track LP in silkscreen printed sleeve.


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    Full Listen / Order:

    distributed via BORDELLO A PARIGI to the shops of your liking.

    @elektroakust: Yeah a friend of mine recommended Elektrolux/Microlux to me as well a year ago or so - never did check it out though until now. Somehow it slipped my mind. I certainly have to do so soon, because a sneak peak already is promising. And indeed, it's not THE sound I was looking for here, but never mind that.

    Actually this perfectly fits into what I was hoping to achieve with that thread on a side note: Since a lot of you guys are into electro for a much longer time that I am, you probably know a lot more (good) electro releases from the 90s and early 00s as I have been able to dig out until now going backwards from my starting point.

    Like for example the Majic-12 album sounds great, thanks! This directly went on my wishlist; will be scouting out that on Discogs for sure.
    Will check out the Hydrogen Jukebox stuff as well, sounds promising.

    uNiTs: Thank you too for thinking about this. You suggestions weren't up that road I was looking for, but I really like the one by Jacen Solo nontheless and just bought it, thanks. And of course, Peace of Mind already has a prominent spot in my record shelf.

    dasgetier: Well, actually I even discovered Science City just a bit ago, even though they hailed from my home city. You never know where to look until you know, ha!
    But I in fact already covered Novamen and also the Mullet Records stuff.
    I've bookmarked the Discogs list; if I feel bored, I'll go through this too eventually - but for know I was hoping to extract your collective knowledge. Worked great so far, thanks!

    Thanks for your input, mates! I know almost everyone of them already, but that was to be expected - I did a lot of (virtual) digging myself up to this date .

    And ahh, that's interesting - I always enjoy how my description of music relates to another one's perception of music. Always enlightens me a bit.
    For example: I'd've never associated Little Computer People, Hyboid or UHU's Magic Computer with my description - first of all because in my ears they are not funky at all - they're discoid. And, well, because of their computerized stiffness I'd even like to call them something like disco-electro .. or electrisco .. if those words wouldn't sound so hideous.

    But yeah, you got my drift with
    - Biepang: That's exactly the kind I was looking for! Love all of his stuff, especially the EP on Trust. Always wished for him to become active again; anyone knows anything?
    - Remote (UR): ! This one is always in my record bag, when I'm out spinning at an electro-related event. Godlike.
    - Artificial Arm: Bloody hell, that's sweet! Discovered him last year and am in love.
    - Automatic Tasty and Microlith are also up my cup of tea, as are most of the CPU releases. My recent discoveries somewhat in this vein are Sint and Volitune.. and Aftawerks!

    Ceephax is on another page completey - yes, I like playful stuff, but no I don't like silly stuff, like childish silly stuff. I want to smile with music - not laugh with/at music ;)

    The overly digital sounding nu-breakdance-electro stuff like the Sace 2 track you posted are not my thing though. Mainly because I don't like the overall harshness of the sound - not only caused by the digitalness but also because of the over-the-top "this has to be banging"-attitude which almost always comes with it. This let's me loose the feeling of the groove and the funk.. Refers to a lot of Dominance Electricity titles as well unfortunately.. But that's just a personal and subjective note.

    Regarding the old (80s) electrofunk tunes: yeah, you're right I was more or less aiming at recent tunes - but that's only because I've dug through a mountain of 80s electrofunk, And yes, of course, I know about Hardcastle, Brunson and the likes: I love it. But I got the feeling I discovered most of what I like in that respect. But sure, If you guys have some (rare) tune up your sleeve beside those (major label) classics: go ahead, please!

    Thanks, Bionic! That label and your stuff are news to me: gotta check that out!

    Man, I'm ranting on about me me me me.. Hey you other forum guys and gals: feel free to tell the world what you're associating with the term electro-funk or the likes!

    Although it's a bottomless pit, I love such discussions about the origin of a musically related term from time to time. T'was a pleasure to read, thanks.

    And @Starchild, I just love how you used the term "classical" to compare it to the misuse of "electro" nowadays, because the term "classical" itself already underwent such mislabeling in the past! The Classical period in music history was a special period around 1730-1820, whereas in newer times we use the term to describe a lot of music of different periods as well, e.g. Rennaissance, Baroque, Romantic and Classical itself.

    I don't know if you knew that, but if so, I applaud your sense of irony! :D

    Just checked my 2014-2016 electro list and there is a lot of fit music on there, but my taste in electro is mostly a bit different than the taste of most, since I'm into mellow or funky tunes. For more "badass" ones.. let's see; you could take a look at those here maybe:

    DJ Overdose X DJ Technician
    Both Black Narcissus albums in 2014 were amazing.
    Maybe you like some of the recent 12"s of Cultivated Electronics?
    Lot of digital EPs on Bass Agenda Recordings
    -=UHU=- " The Album" or actually a lot of stuff on Body Control Records (digital)
    You might like the stuff from Elektrodos as well.
    Clatterbox "Space Invader" (digital)
    And if you don't know it already, this should be something for you: Audio Sonic Crew

    And come one, guys; what do you rest out there recommend?

    Ever since I've stumbled upon Matt Whitehead's first two Rebel Intelligence 12"s (most of all this!) I've been looking for similar stuff, because they heavily blew my mind.

    A most suitable term for this kind of music I'm referring to would in fact be "Electro-Funk" in my book but this term can mean so many things for so many people: Early 80s African American Pop for the diggers, Nu Electro stuff referencing b-boy days for most guys like in this forum or even Drexciyan tunes of the end-90s era, and so on and on ....
    I on the other hand am looking ... well I guess for a mixture of all of this above mentioned; maybe even with a bit of rephlexish "brain dance" mixed into it preferably. For me that's most notably funky basslines with lots of sycopated accents, that's a tight groove with crisp beats (not necessarily from vintage drum-machines), that's nice synthesized harmonies/melodies and , well, an overall funky and positively driving feeling I guess.

    Another good example of that stuff I'm looking for beside Whitehead is Jimmy Edgar's "My Beats", the ever so great Brian Ellis and stuff from DJ Nasty. Or an awesome random find of mine is Ali Berger's "Acid Love", though not on vinyl.

    And of course I know about the awesome DMX Krew (this!, or Fresh Up stuff), Gary Gritness (http://this!), and the likes ... which all do stuff similar to what I'm looking for; but seldom it hits the perfect spot for me. And I want more! But I'm pretty sure there's more stuff in the vain of this stuff out there which I haven't stumbled upon yet, because it's so niche.

    Anyone? Gimme! I need a fix! ;)

    And please, even write if your tip doesn't quite fit my wishlist - probably it still is something awesome! Actually, why don't you just post any melodic, funky, (braindancey) electro stuff in here! :)

    Hei there, I'm Robyrt from Leipzig, Germany. I recently got encouraged by the Electro Emperor to swing by this message board and so I did. I run a small label called YUYAY Records, having released nine releases this far of which the last two were 12" vinyls. If the budget will allow it, I'll continue down the vinyl road. I do produce tunes myself and am performing as a vinyl DJ mostly in Leipzig.
    I'm not fond of the whole Web 2.0 thing and disappointed that most online communication has left for those sites. Maybe it's still possible to get a groove on in an "old-fashioned" forum like this one. I'd like that.

    This year Leipzig's record store Possblthings finally made their mission in music service complete and pressed their first own 12" vinyl featuring four electro tunes of mine accompanied by Contra Communem Opinionem from Zürich and my Clear-Memory-mates Milium and XY0815 - "Clear Memory" being an electro endorsing collective based in Leipzig. More goodness to come!

    Come by the record shop if by some coincidence you're in town:

    And here's the record (distributed via CLONE):

    Robyrt Hecht - Percept [Possblthings Records]
    A1 You're Just A Narrative Told By Your Brain
    A2 Deception Manoeuvre (feat. Milium)
    B1 Apperceptive Move (feat. XY0815)
    B2 Sequence Of Subception (feat. CCO)

    Buy 12": Clone , Juno , HHV , Decks
    Full Listen:

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    Electro-goodness of the other tracks beside; B3 features some interestingly cosy ambient track. We decided to accompany it with a romantic video. Check here and get involved:

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