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    Quote from AITCH-SKI;38629<br>[B

    And it certainly doesn't mean that techno evolved from house[/B]
    Alongside as previously mentioned - I can go for that.

    Then I think we've reached the natural conclusion of this discussion! ;D

    Aitch, read it again:

    "Within the last 5 years or so, the Detroit underground has been experimenting with technology...... We call it techno!"

    That quote is from '88. It DOESN'T mean that he only started calling it techno in'88.

    And it certainly doesn't mean that techno evolved from house!

    I wouldn't have thought electro heads would be so insecure that a stlye of house music called 'electro house' would worry them.

    You know what house music's like - they LOVE a sub-genre. There's one called 'funky house' for example - can you imagine people in funk bands getting wound-up about it?

    Quote from billy1971;38614

    Wasn't the Electro heads in California calling there sound Techno in 1986.

    yep. That was why there was a label called 'Techno Hop records'. (Unknown DJ's I think).

    They were using the term in the mid-80's in Germany too.

    In fact, the story that Juan Atkins coined the term 'techno' to describe a style of music sounds a bit innaccurate doesn't it? :)

    Man Parrish had a record out called 'Techno Tracks' in 1982.

    And Model 500's (Juan Atkins) 'No UFOs' from '85 had a 4x4 beat and certainly sounds like a natural predecessor to techno. And that was before the early house classics.

    House descended from disco, and although techno shares the 4x4 beat of disco, it owes more in sound and vibe to electro and European electronic music.

    There is no way that techno evolved from house. They evolved concurrently and of course, shared ideas.

    Quote from AITCH-SKI;38585

    "Within the last 5 years or so, the Detroit underground has been experimenting with technology, stretching it rather than simply using it. As the price of sequencers and synthesizers has dropped, so the experimentation has become more intense. Basically, we're tired of hearing about being in love or falling out, tired of the R&B system, so a new progressive sound has emerged. We call it techno!"

    Juan Atkins, 1988

    Precisely. The key phrase there is "Within the last 5 years or so" which means he's talking about as far back as '83. ;) I think he even coined the term 'techno' to describe the music of Cybertron.

    I put this in here and not the 'mixes' section as it's not electro / hip hop.

    As the title suggests, the best (IMO) of acid house, mixed by me on some record players a couple of years ago:…ck-the-best-of-acid-house

    I Can Dance – Fast Eddie
    The Groove – Liddell Townsell
    The Poke – Adonis & the Endless Pokers
    That Shit’s Wild – Dr. Derelict
    Hello Lover – V.L. & The Porch Monkeys
    This is Acid – Maurice
    Compulsion – 808 State
    Drop that Bassline – Techno Grooves
    Dog Dance – K.A. Posse
    I’ve Lost Control – Sleezy D
    Jiggerwatts – Phortune
    Phuture Music – Silicone Chip
    Acid Rapping (remix) – The Moody Boys
    Acid Man – Jolly Roger
    Dap Me – Jack Frost
    Jesus Loves the Acid – Ecstacy Club
    Flow Coma – 808 State
    Confusion’s Revenge – Armando
    Acid Tracks – Phuture
    Phuture Will Survive – Phuture
    Slam – Phuture Pfantasy Club
    Stakker Humanoid – Humanoid
    E-Talk – 808 State
    Box Energy – DJ Pierre
    Energy – Robot & The DJs
    Different World – Hokus Pokus
    Headhunters – 808 State

    the 4x4 beats can be traced to disco. And the term 'techno', I'm certain, was coined before any of those house classics were made.

    Of course the early producers heard those house tracks and were probably influenced in some way - but techno was already evolving on it's own in Detroit taking influences from disco and synth-pop. It in no-way shape or form evolved from house music.

    Quote from AITCH-SKI;38567

    House music came first & all the other styles formed AFTER it - you know it's correct so why disregard what I have said? Always contradicting what people say ;D

    I only contradict when what people say is wrong. And you are wrong. Techno evolved independently of house music in a different city. Read up on the history.

    I've got an acid mix somewhere - I'll post up a link in this section when it's uploaded. 8)

    Quote from AITCH-SKI;38564

    For the record(no pun intended) techno derived/mutated from house, thus making it a "sub genre" of said musical style category.

    Well, that's just untrue.

    And if you're wrong about that.... ;D


    Would love to see you do a house set pal

    nah, I dislike that vast majority of 'house'. I'd do a crackin' acid house set though! :D

    Quote from AITCH-SKI;38540

    The tune is neither techno OR house but tribal, this was all I was trying to point out.

    I'll have to politely disagree there mate. Isn't 'Tribal' just a sub-genre, a name to describe a certain style of techno?

    That Beltram track, be it 'tribal', 'trance', 'acid' or whatever, is 'techno'. 8)

    Quote from AITCH-SKI;38177

    The Beltram track is a corker man - I was merely commending you on choice of track. Not rocket science ;D
    As for branding it "techno" it's not techno at all. Nah man - I would put this in a tribal set, never a techno set. It's not techno ;)

    Fascism - take a chill pill ;) The tune is top drawer :D

    That Beltram isn't techno? Well I never! :D

    How about this beast from Detroit:


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