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    Quote from moglia;46062

    I will be forced to SAY NO to Streetsounds Electro Chart because the chart no have a transparent democratic process to choose the tracks.

    Peace, Love and Respect,
    Rodriggo di Moglia.
    Sarapuhy Beats.
    Interasom Project.



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    Quote from FUDOG;46077

    Youve also only got yourselves to blame if you didnt sign a contract first! Before rushing off to get a release... On the mighty Street Sounds no doubt.

    Ah, but it works this way mate :

    You get a email with the contract sign it and send it back, you dont get the signed contract back untill you start asking for it (in my case)

    Fast you need to sign this quick!


    Can we have the hardcopy back?


    Can we get our hardcopy now?

    It got lost

    Can we get our hardcopy back?

    It got lost

    This is redicolous can we get our hardcopy NOW!?

    Well ok..

    Quote from N-ter;46075

    Coz... Ur smart guy and u know what i mean. I dont care bout wax, as artist i woul like to be informed on what format my track will be included. Rite? Im not atacking anyone... I just say that comunication with Morgan before and after signing the contract is way different.

    Same case here, i belive we discussed this over a cup of coffe once right?

    We got the package got lost line 3x in a row ;)

    Three cheers for morph!

    Quote from satak;45898

    You did a lot more than just asked a question, for example private emails from Kate and all this negative bullshit. Sure SS chart was little biased but everybody knew it and that chart wasn't taking away anything from anybody. But hey now the world is sooooo much better when the chart is dead and everybody has have their punches to Morgan...

    Like you put it, WEAK! :(

    Cry more?

    So if everybody knew this it makes it ok?

    In what parallel universe?

    Morgan brought up to whom he made a faulty payment, isnt that private also?

    Lay off my case will you and go crying to someone else that we should appreciate a bogus chart.

    "The system was and is very simple and I believe fair"

    I have seen some facebook spam recently stating : vote for my track by sending an email to streetsounds.

    This makes a problem obviously since it makes the whole thing very unreliable, people who dont necessarily listen to your show or electro at all can vote for something they havent even heard.


    Other relevant people discredited him already so I guess its bye bye to this thread :)

    Quote from Mixmaster_Mirage;45865

    Mmm so it looks like the early questions in this thread will always remain a mystery
    to be honest i didn't see anything wrong with someone asking how the sales figures for the chart
    where added up it was a fairly straightforward and simple question,and i think any artist that
    had tracks in the chart had a right to know how the charts where worked out in more detail.

    If it was me i'd of been more worried if the question was not asked ,as it would mean people
    couldn't really of cared less about the chart and how it was being run.


    The proper response would have been anwsering the question and burry the doubt with pure facts, that would have done more use for SS than simply backing up.

    Quote from Cozmo D;45861

    That's cool. I wasn't talking about that either. What I'm talking about is caring about your music. :)

    We both can speak and write english and we still need a translator :D

    We do care about our music man, we do. :)

    Nah I would never do a chart for a track, I am more interested in the artists repertoire and what they are trying to communicate with the listeners.

    Here is a chart in no specific order :D

    Carl Finlow
    Velcro Fastener
    Anthony Rother
    Mariel Ito

    Quote from Cozmo D;45833

    What does money have to do with it? ???

    I started out dead ass broke, both me and my wife working 9 to 5 shit jobs and her getting pregnant and then us with a baby, living in 2 rooms and sharing a kitchen and bathroom in my mother's house. Baby's crib in our bedroom and the studio (if you could call it that) set up in the other. Still put my all into my music, poured my soul into it. Jam On It, Jam On Revenge, Computer Age, Automan, I'm Not A Robot, Destination Earth, Why and No More Running were all written and produced under those conditions along with a hell of a lot of other songs that we never released. Not ONE of those tracks were done as a hobby!

    Ok man, so to do something in professional manner you have to live from it right?

    This is really wrong way of thinking.

    All our releases are getting professional approach, from mastering to cover design and promotion.

    All of the crew from my label is highly educated people persuing a career in economy, sociology and graphics design and communication.

    Music is what we love and we do it non profit as there are better ways of income.

    I am more than happy for you that you were able to fulfill your dream as a musician but this doesnt happen in 99% of the cases and you cant argue that.

    How would you explain binalogs recent compilation? it is not his main business, the man is a dentist and he can afford to take his hobby and love for music to a whole other level by financing it from a job that took years and years of hard work and dedication.

    You are taking this way off topic.