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    I never used the word professionalism or unprofessionalism. That was Morgan. What I complained about was people treating their music as a hobby. Maybe something is lost in the translation, but here in the US a hobby is something you do leisurely. You can work and treat your music seriously. Like I said, my music comes third behind God and family. I have not had a job in a long time, but Lady E has kept one since I don't make enough money on music alone for us to live. I put my all into my music, I would never call it or consider it a hobby. I have nothing but respect for you guys and the artists that you mentioned, and would be surprised if any of you considered your music a hobby.

    Here in the rest of the world we cant afford to live like that.

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    Arrogance?! Haha! Who's the arrogant in our case? If you read carefully Morgan's post you'll see how much arrogance, anger and disrespect this man has for the electro scene, calling the other label owners 'amateurs', their releases 'repetitive, non-music tracks' or simply... 'crap', by... coincidence he doesn't rate at all competitive compilations (let alone mine, i couldn't care less, but what about CBR's Underground Electro, Stark's Electro Domesticos-apart from a track or 2, charted just for the 'public's eyes', did you see on SS top-20 representation of these excellent compilations? instead NE3 is all over the place!). He even accused Matt for self-promotion and Cozmo for not sending a chart, for Christ sake!
    Is there anyone who really believes that SS chart isn't a 'promo tool' for this man's business? And this is the 'key word' in his case: business. He served NE3, one of the weakest electro albums ever and he tries to convince the ignorant people that 'This Is Electro In 2010'. Sorry mr. Morgan, if you can't waste your time to this 'bullshit' or 'nonsense', our time is much much more precious to bother with SS anymore. We don't bite your 'love for electro', we know that you're doin' it for the money. ;)
    Nuff said, i won't post at this thread anymore...

    I totally agree with this.

    The man has absolutely no respect for people he has on his label, calling their music garbage and taking a shit on everyone else.

    Best to leave "the Dons" to do whatever "The Dons" do :uglywave:

    Maby it was a bit unfair to mention revenues not being payed like this in the open so that everyone can see..

    But hey sometimes even a kick in the ass is a step forward.

    Sorry for poking where it hurts Morgan.. :(

    I know other people had problems with getting payed but are not stepping up.

    If moderators wish to delete this posts let them, I have taken my screenshots already for the wonderfull world of Electro and pink ponies album.

    We can all pretend everything is nice and dandy now.

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    Couldn't agree more with previous posts, that it's truly rediciolous to bring this type of stuff in public with attack mode.

    I suggest to delete the previous posts that went off-topic and persons involved should contact directly Morgan in private to solve things out.

    How about that?

    Yes I agree, lets ignore the facts, never get an anwser to how the chart is being formed, and just take self praise as something undeniable and untouchable.

    Here is your requested appology Morgan

    Yes you did make a payment after a whole month of dodging, blacklisted mastering returned the payment because we payed it ourselves since it took you a month to send the payment.

    As i previously stated you have our bank account, you have our home adresses, feel free to fulfill your part of the signed agreement at your earlyest convenience.


    This speakes VOLUMES about you…o-1-review.html

    Hey Morgan, please allow me to reflect my opinion on your post,

    Firstly the chart is not reflecting all that is happening in the Electro community, and how could it? I have never seen tons of producers or live acts even post on any form of social networks let alone send tracks in to be charted.

    After all you yourself are dividing people into "silent majority" and minority. Those two factions make a whole Morgan and not taking that into consideration you cant reflect "everything" that is going on.

    I can trust you that you belive the chart has always been fair and unbiased but its concept is not allowing it to be.

    I am sorry but some of the "selfish people" as you label them know as a fact that electro is and always will be underground.

    That is why we the selfish ones always had trouble to pack clubs and darined our bank accounts dry trying to promote the stuff.

    You see, for me this is a hobby and a beautyfull one, not a business as in your case.

    "Just one A&R suggestion, stop putting out these terrible compilations of demo quality tracks. Have some threshold of quality. A 6 minute track of the same 16 bar loop is not good music, it is NOT even music!"

    Is this why you told me over skype that you recieved 6 more tracks from Croatian artists besides UKV for Nu Electro 2 and that they are all garbage? Have this people learned by now to meet your standards? :)

    "our goal is to do what is best for the artist, producers, labels and Electro movement and grow the scene. This will benefit everyone in the long term. "

    Can you start by paying our royaltys? You have our bank account, or send it via pigeon mail. So we might try and run our little selfish hobby.

    I am too fucking young to care what people think.



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    We are thinking about ways to possibly build up a chart voting system for Electro Empire,
    that is 100% transparent. But its complecated and expensive to be programmed.
    So this might still take some time. In the meantime, how about having a sticky thread
    for everyone to post personal charts?

    This is something SS should do on their forums to prevent spam votes.

    Lee you are doing a good job, nobody is questioning your performance or goals here.

    On a personal note I think you are a good chap :)

    I am however questioning the relevancy of the chart, some could say I am acting this way because our releases dont get high ratings, which they do, our that we are jealous which is certanly not the case.

    I find your show a great promotion tool and greatly appreciate that we get played on the show.

    The real case here is as I already stated "This makes a problem obviously since it makes the whole thing very unreliable, people who dont necessarily listen to your show or electro at all can vote for something they havent even heard."

    I am certanly not going to email Morgan, even if I did and get a reply I would post it here, no matter what the outcome would be and openly state that I was wrong to question it.

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    Hey come on man, don't take that chart too serious. It's just a list where you can see what's hip now in the Nu electro scene. Also maybe some inside promotion too for the SS Nu electro compilations ;D But hey, if you got a good track and you post it here on the forums or send it to Leeroy, it most definitely end up on that list :)

    Im not taking it serious at all, im just asking maby you havent read my post in full :)


    Well not completely,

    For example how do you get sales records of our tracks?

    This would take some real data mining to get.

    Since we get them from our distribution quarterly.

    I have seen some facebook spam recently stating : vote for my track by sending an email to streetsounds.

    This makes a problem obviously since it makes the whole thing very unreliable, people who dont necessarily listen to your show or electro at all can vote for something they havent even heard.

    I could easily test this by making a spam bot but that would too much.

    We asre starting to doubt the relevancy of this chart and if the above is a case do not wish to contribute to non relevant information.

    Perhaps Morgan could answer my question in more detail if you are unable to.