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    Greetings, I go by Stun 1, old graffiti name that I just can't seem to get away from.

    Started graffiti in '80, breakin' in '82 or '83'ish, Rhyming and Dj'ing around '85'ish.

    Main instrument is Bass but surprisingly I was lucky enough to tour everywhere with an acid-jazz band for many years as the "turntablist?" LOL...but I've always wanted to get back to my roots, B-boy music! Electric or acoustic! I'm currently working on an all Electro project that will bring back some memories, if I can find the time to finish it. Good to see so many people are still into Electro, hope to keep it alive. Man Parrish was/is my favorite Electro producer.

    I had one and returned it. The voices sounded great but the USB noise made it unusable! Plus the menu diving for parameters was a pain. It sounds good though but the Behringer RD-8 is way better, IMO. Has seperate outs, run each output to a mixer, add reverb and it's incredible.

    "If it sounds good, it is good!" I use both VST and Analog gear. VST's are pretty incredible! I use mostly analog because of the physical aspect and I feel like I'm back in 1982 breakin' on Burnside Ave. Lol. But, don't forget about iOS apps on the iPad as well. The Animoog is my go-to synth when I need something weird and different. You can warm up VSTi's with plugins, saturation, noise, etc. Always use your ears, they will tell you what sounds good!