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    Techno City is something different to all his other stuff. I personally think it's great. The price has come down recently - maybe since there was a repress? I got a dog-shit-brown fantasy T-Shirt and have worn it till it's shrunk!!

    [quote='Master Aladin & his nice lamp']some pearls i lately found:

    Ashes And Stars - Phone Home (Satril 1982)
    Beat Street Crew - Reality & Fresh Off The Block (Hip Rock 1988)
    Blake & Hines with 69 Band - Bus Driver & My Generation (HDM 198x)
    Bobby LoveJoy & Peter Love - Oh Maryann bw People Act Funny Top-Top 1987)
    C. Jordan & D. Jones - The Rose Bowl Rapp (Midway 1986)
    Clear Vision - Keepers Of The Dream (Source 1988)
    Eddie Cheba - Lookin' Good (Shake Your Body) (Tree Line 1979 2nd press)
    Fresh MC's - Reaganolgy Rapp (ATAC Intl. 1987)
    J.U.I.C.E. - Night On The Town (Bound Sound 1983)
    King Josey - Keep On Dancin' (Rap All Night) (Rap City 1981)
    Mighty Rock And The Super Bowls - Dolphin's Rap (Dol-Fin 1985)
    Ms. C. ''Rappin'' Pittman - The School Of Cool (Munch 1985)
    Nation Def Grooves - Bass Creator!! (Jubwa Nation 1984)
    Super Jay - Santa's Rap Party (Sound Of New York 1980)
    Tabron - Block The Ball (In Season Rec. - IS-110-85)
    The Delirious 2 ft. Dr. Dust - We're So Bad (Lu Lu 1986)
    The L.I. Force ft MC Snow & DJ Whiz - I Want A Stunt bw Dedication To Hip Hop (Sonic Sound 1988)
    The Rappin' Lords - Bad Self (Hot 1986)
    Tribulation - Bubble Gum (Chique 1984)
    7'' - Captain D.J. - Disco UFO (G-Note Rec. - G-Note-500) [1978]
    Alien Starr - World Of Ecstasy (Starr Jamm 1985)
    April B - The Fly Reply (Erika 1985)
    A.C. Posse - Tragic Magic (Crown 1987)
    Art Of Noise - Beat Box (Island-ZTT 1983)
    By Popular Demand - We're B.P.D. By Popular Demand (Yea 1985)
    D. Bros. ft DJ Pipe - Illegal Car Driving (Star Bound 1986) (5 version issue)
    Danny Gold - TSOV Groove bw Throw Down (Sound Of Virginia 1983)
    Darrin Grant - (Do The) Pee Wee Herman Rock (Oria 1986)
    Fatback - Is This The Future (Spring 1983)
    Glass ft John Williams - Bedrok (H.C.R.C. 1983)
    High 5 - High Five (Fox International 198x)
    Lazerock - The Ballad Of Mr. T. (Lance 198x)
    Master Cylinder - Your Missions Impossible bw It's Rhythm (Nation Records 1988)
    Masterpiece - That's What I Hate & Draws (High 1986)
    Nu Cali - Built For Speed (Cyntone 1987-88)
    Solicitors ft. Rocky King - Hitman (I'm A Radio Jock) (San-Ton 1986)
    Sugar Ray Dinke - Cabrini Green Rap (I Am 1986)
    The Doctors Of Rapp - Pee Wee's Dance (Quest For Guess) (Rappers Rapp 1986)
    The Jazzie Ladies - Blowin' Your Mind (Prelude 1983)
    The Move - Ice Cream Jam (Stanpico 198x)
    The Neighborhood Crew - Face To Face (With The Music) (FoReal 1986)
    The Two Fresh Brothers - She's Fine (Solid Platinum-Rolls Royce 1986)
    EP - The Unos - No Zero (Powerlight 1985)
    Double J - Def Style / Cannibal Town (Chanpen 1985)
    Def Force - That's Life (LIC Rec. 1987)
    Russell Cheek - Roller Rooster Rap (Fresher & Fresh Video & Film Corp. 1985)
    Debonair Dimension - Sound Attack / Free Bass 9000 (Macola 1986)
    Tears Of Joy - Frauds (Imperial 1986-87)
    Trans-Lux - Get It Off (Master Mix 1984)
    Albino Twins - We're Not Going For Gold (Turngold 198x)
    7" - The Sounds Of J.H.S. 126 (B'klyn) Feat. "The Educational Crew" - The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste (Across The River Records 1984)
    4-Play - Olympic Rap (Westrock 1984 + picture cover)
    Caution Crew - Westside Storie (Galleon 1983)
    Stevie Steve & Tyshia D - Mothers & Fathers / One Plus One (Galleon 1985)
    7" - Jerry Green

    Wouldn't have thought it was an instrumental as the A Side version is pretty much an instrumental dub mix from half way through onwards if I remember?


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    Quote from bokkiebeh

    Some records I found/won lately. Some of them I had already but couldn't resist buying another copy.

    Sid Wallace & Friends - King Pac (Gold Future) obscure 7" Afrika bambaataa based electro tune

    Would like to hear this Bokkiebeh. Could you contact me here or on Discogs please?

    Quote from freshkid

    well, if you listen exactly to the first track you requested. You will hear a Guitar Riff over Nairobis -Soul Makossa-, because i can hear the typical lazer shots of Soul Makossa

    Hummm, judging by the YouTube clip, that doesn't sound like Nairobi to me? :-/

    Quote from bertie

    the sindicut mc crazy noddy and dj fingers there two 12s were on baad records the first has one track by them on it
    the second is a four track including a capital rap session
    very nice 12s allways in the crate

    Peel played the first version of 'Syndicut's Kickin' and that 4 tracker you mention is a sure fire dope-school UK jammie if ever there was one.

    Hello Bertie, btw! ;)

    [quote='bokkiebeh']Some nice finds the last couple of months and bought some of a friend (U know who you are :))

    GLC MIMS - Computer Head
    Captain Jack - Jack It Up
    Afrika & The Zulu Kings - The Beach
    Blackstar - You Did Me Wrong / Tell Ya Mama
    D.J. Chuck Chill Out - Hip Hop On Wax-Volume 1 PROMO
    Fast Lane - Young Ladies
    Bass Patrol - Rock This Planet
    Beat Boys, The - Who Rocks The Show
    Brothers Supreme, The - We Can't Be Held Back
    CD III - And You Know That / Summer Jam
    Caution Crew, The - Westside Storie
    CMO'S' - X-1-12
    CSL And The Boys Next Door - New York Breakdown
    D.W. And The Party Crew - Freaky Lover
    Dynamic Duo Presents Kristin Pettit - Tonight I'll Make You Mine
    Fantasy Three - Biters In The City PROMO
    Fresh To Rock - We're Fresh To Rock
    G-Mann - "Dominique" (Got To Be An All-Star)
    Hardnoise - Serve Tea, Then Murder / Mice In The Presence Of The Lion (Part 1)
    Hassan & 7-11 - Cold Rock Stuff
    Joy Vogel - The Girl
    Lil' Jazzy Jay & Cool Supreme - B Boys Style
    MC EC - Girl, You Ain

    Thanks for posting that picture. Is there a gallery of old school artists going somewhere?

    It's a shame someone at Tuff City can't sort out the mastering of their back catalogue! The sound quality on that Captain Rock compilation was terrible in my humble opinion! The design on the cover was good and the sleeve notes were really interesting, but I think that maybe the Captain deserves a little more respect and for someone NOT o be exploiting him for a change?!