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    great thread... I just switched to a Mac and am wondering if I should get Cubase 5 or switch to Logic (currently using Cubase on my Windows lappie). I have some tracks that aren't finished and I am concerned about switching... am I going to have to go through a lot of hassle to convert them to Logic?

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    well the great thing with it now is MAX4LIVE - which is a dope way to get into it, think of the reaktor library and thats how M4L will be eventually.

    Supercollider is dope as well, but its more of a headfuck then Max. But better in some respects because its text coding, which lends itself to crazy experimenting more easily than Max, you want a thousand osc in that synth, just type it. in Max you'd have to draw each one, hook it up and then try and make it look tidy.

    Yeah I need to get Max 4 Live... haven't really looked into that yet but I know about it and it's exciting. I've never used Reaktor, but have heard good things about it. :)

    I am excited about Jitter, too. I have always been fascinated with the idea of doing some sort of multimedia art w/ sound and visuals. This software is perfect for this because it has sound sensing capabilities from a mic input.

    My professor said that Supercolllider sounds better than MAX/MSP but the learning curve is waaaaay higher. I'll stick with Max/MSP for now... it's more than enough for me at the moment.

    Max/MSP can be used w/ JavaScript, I wonder if you can write a script that would duplicate an object however many times to get the same effect (modifying through text instead of have to manually add and arrange each new object)?


    Indeed, the learning curve is nuts. I signed on for a class at University of Virginia in their Music department ( I work there so the class is paid for by my benefits ). I am 7 weeks in and there is no getting out of it now.... so I am just going for it. If I am going to devote all this time into learning it I want to keep using it... hence why I am looking for inspirational creative ideas. One good thing is that I really feel like I am learning sound synthesis on a a very basic theoretical and technical level, and therefore am gaining a lot of understanding of it that will carry through to using just about any synthesizer or program. So even if I don't always use it forever, I guess I am gaining some value from it.

    If I get through this class OK and pull off being able to make some patches that I can use in at least one of my productions I will humbly accept a medal. ;D

    I am taking a class right now about it. I was wondering if anyone else who made electro ever used it. I am trying to find inspirational ideas about how to apply what I am learning. I am starting with building some patches, which can then be controlled w/ a MIDI controller and wired into Cubase. Next I am going to experiement with the sound sensing abilities and visual output via JITTER. It's pretty neat but has a deep learning curve... I am at a point where I don't know enough to have a lot of creative ideas, but I want some inspiration to keep me going.

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    Oh Jeez, I guess now my manhood is being challenged. ;D

    For the record, in this country it is usual that both the man AND the women support the FAMILY, that has been the case with me and my wife. Like I said, back in the '80s we BOTH worked. Once I started making money with the music we stopped. Then, when the music money stopped coming in, she went back to work and made me stick with the music, you see it was/is BOTH of our dreams! Remember, she is part of Newcleus as well, and she has sang on many of my other projects. Since the 90s I started making money with the music again, and now I make more than she does when she works (she has been unemployed for the past 2 years due to the financial crisis). It is still barely enough to live on so she is looking for work again, however, she would not be supporting me, we would be supporting each other and our family!

    I have nothing but respect for Yvette for both her work w/ Newcleus and that she has worked very hard to support your family while you have been able to pursue your dreams. She is a cool lady! 8)