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    Once again the pEEps from Spain are providing that true school electrofunk vibe!
    The second release by Kapi, a.k.a Downrocks, on his own label and boy is he droppin great wax!...wax, not MP3! The guy has dedication.
    Beat Hazard is now the name of the label as he takes his operations up a notch and prepares for more action.
    This 12" lands with SIX trax of pure b boy influenced electro.

    Kickin off side A, track 1 with "A Split Hazard".
    Featuring old EE muchacho Split DJ (Electronautus) . Like something from 1985 but with much clearer production, Super phat beats, zip zaps and those long, hi synth chords ina arabian / egypt style are married with great vocoder work. The track builds and breaks nicely and Splits wax wigglin is unmessy, uncomplicated and totally complimentary. I can see body rockers everywhere hittin the floor to bust moves on this!

    Track 2. Specie 8472.
    Oh, this hook is weird! (Like YMO) Possibly my fave on this 12". A 303 sounding synth voice is used for the bassline while a nice female vox intones "8...4...7...2". The beats are tuff but rounded rather than brash. Synths are used sparingly and show a control not always heard in today's music. Sweeps rise fall and wobble while other synths add hooks and extra rhythm. The bassline is infectious and the track is sure to set asses on fire in more discerning electro clubs.

    Track 3. Genetic H.
    FUNKAY! Lighter but oh so groovaliscious with a brilliant mid freq synth hook, this track is proper electrofunk! A little more stripped down than the previous 2 and with more time for beats. Again the bassline is super phat and the vibe is light and upbeat with only sporadic vocoderism that's a little less loud in the mix.
    This contends with track 2 for my fave on this great 12".

    Side B, Track 1. Beathazard.
    Gettin away from the 808 sounding beats and gettin deeper here.
    Darker tones abound with Trans Europe like phazed hi hats. Production quality is obviously mastered quantity with Kapi as these tracks continue to exude care and attention to detail. Synths appear, build in complexity and interweave wonderously with each other. The vocoder is once again in effect intoning "Electroooo...electroooo...electro. We are mechanic, we are in phaze, we are the ones to bring magnetic waves".
    Classic true school electro vibe, nothing trying to be new school, this is pure stuff.

    Track 2. Entropia (Feat Dark Vektor).
    Another old school EE head pops up! Ivan joins Kapi here to drop Entropia. They've managed again to rock into that true electro dimension with old school drum work and sci fi vibe but this time the vocoder takes centre stage! Yeah, it's not in english but who gives a fuck! sounds great! Then the chorus hook drops, niiiice! Pitch bent hi / mid freq synth hook like something that Paul Hardcastle would cook up. The vocoder is then joined by a spacious female vocal and I'm beginning to think this should get more time and a remix too. The vocoder is a LITTLE too loud, drowning out parts too easily but the overall vibe of this track is brilliant.

    Track 3. Bonus beats AND Vocoders!!!
    Oh yes! I love it when there's bonus bits to use!
    Production on the beats jumps out at you here..this is too short! A full 4 minute beatstrumental / dub wouldn't go amiss here...GIVE US MORE, KAPI!!!
    The Vocoder?! shit yeeeeah!
    fuckin scratchtastic spanish vocoderism turntable madness ensues every time I play this!!!

    marks out of 10? 9!

    This is brilliant true school electrofunk!
    Kapi / Downrocks has developed a skill in producing quality tunes, expressive and creative within the strict boundaries of real electro and unique enough for all the tracks to sound different, not all utilising typical 808 beats. I can't recommend this highly enough!
    Not only that, if ya missed his first 12", "Geometria" (recorded in 1999 but released jus the other year) I recommend that also.
    Top marks to Downrocks / kapi and agnowledgements to both Split and Dark Vektor on their input and collaboration.

    BUY THIS 12" !!!!

    Jus lettin y'all know that I have the pleasure of visiting the big smoke again this week...

    The place, Clockwork, Pentonville Road.
    The City, London
    The Date, Friday 18th APRIL.

    Entry - FREE with flyer!

    I hope to see some of y'all down there for some super heavy BASS and ELECTRO beats par excellence from me, old school jungle with MC Lady Blaze hookin up with Gwem plus live electro pop madness from Trademark.

    PM me if you can't get hold of a flyer and I'll e mail you an invitation..places are limited tho!

    Save the children is superior by far. Super dope beats!


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    Wobbulator = Techno. Doesn't stand out from the gazzilion other techno trax of today and not something generally accepted on here (as you can probably tell by the lack of response).

    Overflux = Quirky techno. I don't mind stuff like this as it appeals to my experimental side and shows a more creative, daring production....still not EE material tho.

    Overflux remix = Hmm, like a lot of the noisey, kinda twisted take on electro/techno. It seems to be the in thing with a lot of student types, if I'm honest. I suppose it IS forward thinking from the usual techno stuff and appeals to those who think techno itself it too purist and stale but's not electro (no matter what DJ MAG sez!).

    Scorney = At last, some electro! Still with elements of minimal techno / lock groove feelings but it has an electro beat. If ya want something deeper for a slightly darker moment in your set, this might do ya.

    Thanks for posting, magnetise. I hope it did OK 'in the shops'.

    A super fine line up if ya like all things electronic BUT well worth the trip if yer round London to see the last live show from Kronos Device for a year! (Dexorcist is off on his travels).

    Without a doubt one of the best live electro shows I've seen. Powerful, basstastic and demon beats, Kronos Device deliver!

    Well, I can tell ya from responses I get here and what I see when I go out here in the UK that Electro just isn't as much a crowd puller as it was. It does seem to be havin a little bit of a resurgence tho!
    I'm itchin to get him over here myself but funds jus don't stretch that far at the moment.
    He has been booked to play a couple of times in Scotland but had problems at customs as the promoter didn't sort workin visa's out for him and he was turned away!