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    Ahoy. I seem to be having a great deal of trouble with selecting an audio interface.
    I basically want to record 12-16 line inputs into my DAW (cubase 5) at a price preferably under $1000.

    Firewire mixers such as the Onyx-i series seem to fit the bill, but i was curious as to whether there is something cheaper without all the unneeded pre-amps.

    Any ideas ? What does your recording setup consist of ?

    It came with a US PSU which reads: INPUT: 120 V 60Hz 15W
    OUTPUT: 12 V 840mA

    I replaced it with the Australian equivalent : 12V DC 1A __ PSU

    I'm really hoping it's something to do with the power, yet it's doubtful, as elektroakust it probably would have shat or not worked at all.

    I just recently purchased this beautiful little piece of equipment and to my horror it appears to be broken ! All the LED lights stay light on "PEAK" when power is switched on despite it stating otherwise in the manual, also it doesn't appear to receive signal in or send signal out.

    Whats the typical setup for a vocoder such as this one ?
    Could it be that i am using an incorrect audio cable ?

    So i just recieved my mopho synth module from the United States.

    They failed to deliver a power adapter "head" for Australian wall sockets.

    I found a "head" for the power adapter but i just dont want to go ahead and try this baby out for my knowledge of power adapters is nil.

    the actual power adapter itself reads :

    Input: 100-240v 50-60hz 0.4A
    Output: 13V---770mA

    the power "head" reads:

    2.5/250v 10A

    Should i slam this baby in the wall and pump out some analog juice or will it melt my beloved unit ?


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