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    This weeks Jedi mind trax show 17.11.11

    1.Freestyle- The partys just begun
    2.Knights of Bass - Dark m pire
    3.B.O.S.E. - Rock the world
    4.Knights of Bass - Star Traxx
    5.Smokey Dee & DXJ - Get hyped
    6.Maggotron crushing crew - Bass rock the planet
    7.Renard with no regard - how hard can you throw it
    8.Mantronix - we control the dice
    9.Stetsasonic - just say stet
    10.MC A.D.E. - Transformer
    11.Dr Siak guest mix
    12.Thomas Kress - Electrophonic bass
    13.Thomas Kress - Anxious about defective code
    14.Diplomat - Drum ballistics
    15.Diplomat - Maltese numbers
    16.Diplomat - my cyborg remix
    17.Komarken Electronics - Granular material
    18.Downrocks - Fastfoides

    I dont know if you guys have seen this before but its quite interesting :cylon:


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    This weeks UrbanJedi - Jedi mind trax show 03.11.11

    1. Warp 9 - Nunk
    2.Uncle Jamms Army - Dial a freak remix
    3.Egyptian Lover - I want cha (pyramix version)
    4.X Men - Revenge of the X men
    5.Two Live Crew - What i like
    6.Unknown DJ - Rhythym Rock Rap
    7.Vigilante - Miami Vice
    8.The Packman - Im the Packman
    9.Crazy Eddie & Jazaq - Come on party people
    10.Sir Jake (the storyteller) - Jayhawk
    11.Gary Numan - The Leather sea ( Ade fenton electro rmeix)
    12.DJr21 - Generators
    13.The Inhuman Persuasion - New species
    14.The Inhuman Persuasion - Raw Power
    15.Downrocks - Fastofoides
    16.ERP- Vox Automation
    17.Koova - 808 Rhythym machine
    18.Boris Divider - Metropolis of darkness
    19.Dynamic Bass System - Express to Planet Jupitor
    20.Blastromen - Sky city 1000
    21.TRV - Unlimited Power
    22.Weltwirtschaft - Amundsen Journey
    23.Down rocks - Pretoria ( invisible rockers remix )
    24.Down rocks - Microstones
    25.Imatran Voima - Computer Booty
    26.Faster than Light - Progressive Science
    27.Debonaire - Micro Drumulator
    28.Kalson - Digital Baroque

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    This weeks Urbanjedi - Jedi mind trax show 20.10.11 with a spooky Halloween flavor :headphones:

    ‎1.Whodini - The haunted house of rock
    2.Edgar Winter - Frankenstein
    3.Something Anything - Monster Rock
    4.Knights of the Turntables - Fresh Mess (dub)
    5.Fision - Amityville (slaughter hosue on the hill) inst.
    6.The last poets - Super horror show
    7.Mr Hyde-The Witch
    8.Mad Hatter - Dracula Boogie
    9.Shadowbunny live set
    10.Ice T - Tibetan Jam
    11.Smokey Dee & DXJ - Super Bass
    12.Maggozulu Too- We come to Rock
    13.Danny D & DJ Wiz - Dance
    14.Maggotron - Thats my man throwin down
    15.Great Peso & Mr Nasty - Wrong girls to play with

    This weeks Urbanjedi - Jedi mind trax show 06.10.11 featuring a guest mix by DJ Xed which includes tracks from Djr21

    1.Byron Davis & The Fresh Krew - Wanna be,s
    2.Maggotron Crushing Crew - Miami Bass Express
    3.The Mechanic - Sweat
    4.Sleeze Boyz - Lets Dance
    5.Robotron 4- Cyborg 203
    5.The Willesedn Dodgers - Not this president
    6.World Class Wreckin Cru - Horney Computer
    7.System Terminator - Centre of the Universe
    8.DJ Xed presents DjR21 in the Mix
    00: 00 Kraftwerk - Luton (R21 RE-Konstrukt mix)
    03:52 Funk Mechanic (R21 man machine remix)
    07:04 Flight (2011 remaster)
    09:51 Groove 1
    12:38 Tellefunk - Mashina Za Ples (R21 Rewerk mix)
    16:50 Minimum
    21:27 Robots on Acid - How Can Any Race Be So Stupid (R21 Remix)
    24:44 Anthony Rother - Don't Stop The Beat (R21 Beat Remix)
    27:19 Atomic Breakdown
    30:23 Attack Of The Bassmen
    33:13 ZeroDouble - Nowhere To Hide (R21 Remixxx)
    36:05 Stars (Unreleased)
    38:33 Synthetix
    42:46 Binalog Freq - Elements (R21 5th Element Remix)
    45:41 Diplomat - Andromeda (R21 Psi Remix)
    48:07 R21 vs Grow - Broken Machines (Vocoder Mix)
    51:04 Robot Funk
    55:49 Machine City
    59:20 Kraftwerk - Trans Europe Express (Bass Station mix)
    62:22 Electronic Dawn
    66:00 Shapeshifter
    69:31 PopBot
    72:53 Cluster 2.0
    77:00 Flo-Rida - Low (R21 Synth Mix)

    Heres the link to download tonights Urbanjedi - Jedi mind Trax show 22.09.11 on featuring a guest mix from Morphogenetic and new tracks by Sproket,Shadowbunny & much more........

    1.Magic Mike Crew - Magic Mike theme ( remix/club mix)
    2.H.C. Smooth - Lets rock non stop
    3.Matrix - Its time to rock
    4.Master O.C. & Krazy Eddie - Masters of the scratch
    5.The Megatrons - Rock the planet
    6.Thumbs & Hoestiles - Lets get started
    7.Fresh 3mc,s - Fresh
    8.2 Live crew - S & M (Sprokets callin freaks mix)
    9.Ice T - Reckless (Sprokets beatdown mix)
    10.Morphogenetic guest mix 45 mins
    MicroControlUnit - Electro Enterprise | Fundamental Bass Intelligence ( upcoming )
    Umwelt feat. Debonaire - Human Hunters | New Flesh Records
    Insektoid - Absorption | Mikrolux Records
    Kalson - Neverending | E75 Records
    Global Surveyor feat. K-1 - Global Surveyor ( Dark Vektor remix ) | Dominance Electricity
    Intelligent Concept - Bassmechanic | Over-X-Posure
    Ascension Électroniques - rEVOLution | Fundamental Bass Intelligence ( upcoming )
    Intelligent Concept - The Concept Anthem '97 | Over-X-Posure Records
    Prototype and Morphogenetic - The Last Stand | Battery Park Studio
    Prototype and Morphogenetic - The Last Stand ( Max Durante's Electro Punischer remix ) | Battery Park Studio
    Aux 88 - If AM Was FM | Transient Force
    Supreme.ja - Crazy | Devine Disorder Records
    Mandroid - Labcoat Trauma | Fundamental Bass Intelligence
    11.Shadowbunny - 8
    12.Faster than Light - Progressive Science
    13.Dark Vektor - Basscelona (Diplomat mix)
    14.Debonaire - Beta Technician
    15.Gods of Technology - Stealth
    16.Wreck- Rok Bottom
    17.Doug.e.Fresh - Guess Who ?

    I was covering for Leeroy on the Defcon Project lastnight 16.09.11 heres the link for the show,which was a Bass Junkie/Battle Trax special :cylon:

    1.Worse em - triple m bass
    2.Import 1 - set it off party rock
    3.Unknown dj - Beatronic
    4.Bass junkie - Beatronic (master of the 808 mix)
    5.Bass Junkie - Hip Hop re Bop
    6.Bass Junkie - Dance (show no shame mix)
    7.Bass Junkie -Energy + matter + chaos
    8.Bass Junkie -science
    9.Bass Junkie - system overload
    10.Kronos Device - The Engine
    11.Kronos Device -Obey & Survive
    12.Cybernet Systems - Robot Movement
    13.Bass Junkie vs Dexorcist - Robot Movement (Dexorcists B Boy Bass mix)
    14.Bass Junkie - Deep Bass Matrix
    15.Kronos Device - Hostile Lifeform
    16.I.B.M. - The Voice of World control
    17.I.B.M. Devastate the Planet
    18 Bass Junkie vs The Dexorcist - Kill the Humanoid
    19.Bass Junkie - Return to Bass
    20.Bass Junkie - Infiltrator
    21.Dynamic Bass System - Robotmachine (Kronos Device remix)
    22.Gods of Technology - State of panic
    23.Bass Junkie - Back in the jungle
    24.Motorobot - Android Spectre
    25.Gods of Technology - Being of sound mind
    26.Kronos Device - Below the surface ( Dynamic Bass system remix )
    27.Cybernet Systems - Voider
    28.Bass Junkie - Robotechno
    29.Cybernet Systems - First contact (re-encountered)
    30.Bass Junkie - Human Error
    31.Bass Junkie - Out of the unknown
    32.Kronos Device - Sinister synthesis
    33.Cybernet Systems - Will i dream ?
    34.Bass Junkie - Who i it ? what is it ?
    35.Cybernet Systems - We are Borg

    Here the download link for lastnights Jedi mind trax show 25.8.11 featuring a guest mix from Dr Siak and a exclusive track from the ATS Crew - Bodywork :cylon:

    1.Miami squad & devastating mcs - vice... vice...vice...
    2.Midnight Star - bodysnatchers
    3.Diamond II MCS - The prophecy
    4.West coast crew - D.O.A.
    5.Almighty El-cee - Schools out
    ...6.Maggotron - Return to the planet of Bass
    7.Planet Detroit - Invasion from the Planet Detroit
    8.World Class Wreckin Cru - Cabbage Patch
    9.Nastee Boyz - Killa Beez
    10.Monster Pack - Monster Rapp
    11. Dr Siak guest mix
    12.ATS Crew - Bodyworked
    13.Faster than Light - Progressive Science
    14.Kalson - Astronauten Weltenraum
    15.Jedi Knights - Dance of the naughty knights