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    i couldnt have put that any better myself matt,, it is indeed a controlled society ,this is only the early days too...enjoy the past and make your own future, musically anyhow.. its the only part we can still control as people who love and produce music in a niche genre,.

    if i were capitalist i woyuld put a link here to my money is power track,
    but as i see past all that shit.... i wont bother.....

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    This is the thing. Like it or not, electro is a tiny, minority music scene. Very underground.

    House, on the other hand is HUGE and pretty mainstream, so while the style 'electro house' remains popular, it's name will be shortened to 'electro'. misconceptions will continue and we'll have to put up with them.

    time to jump ship then??

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    1998 was the 1984 of New School Electro to say. 8)

    yep i would agree with that matt, kind of an elctro revival year,, maybe the jason nevins/run dmc record and breakdance battle video helped a little... i have good memories of that year..
    i was still dancing then too..

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    I spin electro since 2000 and run an electro label since 2003. During all that time I didn't notice a scene that could have been ruined by anyone. Electro is a niche music market and it most def will stay that way. Occasional hot spots (Spain) and temporary hypes (Street Sounds), but all in all don't expect anything if you do electro.

    With respect to parties: I've been told that Electro in general, and our music in particular doesn't work on a dancefloor. Well, whenever I've been booked I proofed those folks to be wrong. The last time in Tresor/Berlin.

    I agree that there is a tendency to book the same names over and over again. It seems to be better to book Aux88 than local folks, but well, if one doesn't like these decisions, then put yourself in a position where you can decide differently.

    Bottomline: I do what I do, because I like it. And that is not depending on a scene or parties.

    couldnt have put the sentiments any better than that..

    i dont think big name labels coming back and trying to manipulate and monopolise the scene
    a few years ago helped things really, just served to cause a little division if anything..

    things really kept going during the 90s and 00s with the determination of many smaller labels and individuals producing the music,doing what they do because they love the music and were keeping the vibe "alive". the same thing that will keep it going now...

    as for the scene now ,in general there are many factors that determine things and have changed over the years,, with the advent and progression of computers and music software
    its easy enough for anyone to knock out a half decent track,, not so easy to do something origional and stand out as it was years ago.. so many sub genres too,, theres a million sub genres of dubstep and electro house alone lol..

    times change, adapt and survive or crash and burn.

    had one of these .or the pcp330 which is the same model under different licencse,

    led, should not stay on peak, sounds like it may have the wrong power supply to me,
    they power input adapter on these is pretty cheap also,, but its a good voco when working right
    apart from the p.s.u issue, not all p.s.u s worked with it .

    is it a 9v dc adapter thats with it?

    lol ,, whateve3r..