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    thanks downloading now, appreciate your methodic mix building, something i have e never been able to do. will let you know what i think after i listen.

    Thanks man...never thought about the method as a method (?!?). I just let the playlist kinda build itself. Start with 1 or two songs and frokm that just add to them 'till it sounds complete (...and fits in 1 CD :) )
    Do you have any of your mixes I could also have a listen?

    Sunglasses at Night. A mix worked and reworked for too, too long; a certain sound looked for and finally found in these 14 tracks here. Putting together this mix has been a very interesting trip for the past...6 months (on/ off). Frustration and anger interrupted by only few breaks of satisfaction! But every mistake made and every new try have all played their part in shaping this final sound:…KyStEpZ_mix.mp3

    The mix’s conception started with the first 2 songs in the tracklist and a personal obsession for Tiga’s track Sunglasses at Night. Lately, the whole world went totally 80’s...again; Sunglasses at Night manages to overcome its possibly doomed roots. The track is on the darker and disturbing side of the 80’s and doesn’t have any of the superficiality of the period’s stereotypical sound. And it’s sticky as hell!
    Another point of interest in the mix is Serge Santiago’s remix of Blind, a track which I found on a SMD mix. A very interesting piece, with sensitive verse sang by a brilliant voice which to me sounded very Boy’s probably not him though; A track with great substance and feel.

    The rest of the mix just came together by building to and from these points. Until recently it had an alternative and very chilled ending, with the beat slowing down to an atmospheric final track by Joris Voorn. After a few more days away from the speakers, I felt that Sunglasses at Night needed something with a bit more power to conclude the mix. Power was something I’ve found plenty in Mickey Slim’s The Journey Continues followed on by Sander’s remix for King Of My Castle (this is one track that breaks down any resistance from me, even though it’s been around for some time now. It’s a well written track which holds its ground effortlessly). To bring everything to the end and emphasize the riff in King Of My Castle, I mixed in Starlight, Dennis Sheperd’s remix. Brought into my ears some time ago by a Marco V mix, the piece fits perfectly at the end of this 14 tracks-story.
    So turn up the volume dial on your stereos and check it out!
    (Feedback welcomed at and )

    Sunglasses at Night tracklist
    1. Wakanopi - Pryda
    2. You Are Not Here – Bs As Deep
    3. Subtellite (Sharam Remix) - Timo Maas
    4. Under The Influence – David West
    5. Blind (Serge Santiago Remix) - Hercules & The Love Affair
    6. Fire Devil - Gleave
    7. Alamo – Dirty South
    8. Stuck on Repeat (Fake Blood Remix) – Little Boots
    9. Bassman – Swen Weber
    10. Sunglasses at Night - Tiga and Zyntherius
    11. Fuck – Etienne de Crecy
    12. The Journey Continues - Mickey Slim
    13. King Of My Castle (Sander van Doorn Remix) – Wamdue Project
    14. Starlight - (Dennis Sheperd Remix) - Rob de Lacey

    L.O.V.E. (Loud Obsessive Violent Electronic) February ’09 mix DJ JuNKy StEpZ
    Artwork by Fabu at Deviant Art (

    Junkies all over the world, thanks for downloading L.O.V.E. which is my promo DJ mix for February 2009. I know you’re probably looking at the present date and thinking:
    “Whaaaat ?!?! It’s March 2009”. Right you are. It is March 2009. My timing is a bit off the normal earthly time, as usual.
    I have been working on this mix from January actually and it was intended for beginning Feb. The mix was finished about a week ago, just that my time has been very, very tight.
    As nothing goes as planned, the playlist and implicitly the sound of the mix has been constantly morphing into a new, rocking beast which I didn't expect.
    It's just so different from what I'd put down on paper at the beggining of January...13 tracks encompassing music from Timo Maas, Mirwais, James Zabiela, Dubfire, Dual Shaman, Boy 8-Bit and a few more.
    The mix is about 45 mins long and it brings together 13 tracks mixed and twisted JuNKy StEpZ style!
    The link to download L.O.V.E. (Loud Obsessive Violent Electronic)…JuNKy_StEPZ.rar

    In case you have missed my blog on or on check them out for some FREE “tasters” from the mix. There are 3 tracks to be downloaded FOR A LIMITED PERIOD ONLY, so get a move on!
    1. Timo Maas - Enter My World
    2. Ladytron - Runaway (James Zabiela's Red Eye Remix)
    3. Deepest Darkest Secrets (Martin H Remix) - Lustral & Martin H
    And as a BONUS you’ll also find there Dubfire Vs. Oliver Huntemann - Diablo - this track is something new, and weird, realy weird. but we love weird don't we?!? - Yeeees, we do. It has the greatest chances to be featured on the March ’09 edition of the “JuNKy StEpZ adventures in Music land”
    Bummer, it’s March already…Gotta get started!

    Enjoy and Stay High!
    JuNKy StEpZ x