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    Hey 808beats! Yep, still in Texas, though not so crazy Trump world as crazy Covid world right now. I hope you're doing well, this place is a bit quiet though isn't it?

    Yeah Daz, this placed died years ago. Shame, but I suppose all good things come to an end.....

    If we're talking Hip Hop then Make It Funky - Seville Featuring Jazzy J And King Shameek

    If we're talking Electro (Hip Hop) then Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)

    This was interesting, what Powerful Pexter said

    ‘The whole battle was like 20 or 30 minutes long. We were rippin’ em up. And when we saw the movie we were like, “What the hell is this shit?” They should put out the uncut Battle of Beat Street. If they included that on some kind of special-edition DVD, that shit would go global.’

    So in the Film, Rock Steady seemed to have won the Battle in the Roxy, but apparently the New York City Breakers won overall.



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    Quote from kaos;69603

    Mugged off paying a ten spot for something we all have on a million different comps :D

    But we were talking about the bonus tracks, not the actual album release.


    How can you be mugged off getting something for free?


    Whoop whoop :D

    Well I'm listening now, and have to admit it's not the best mixing I've ever heard.

    One of the first rules of mixing is not having two vocals over each other, which happens with Monster Beat and Looking For The Perfect Beat.

    It's worth having for CD 1 and the nice colour booklet though.

    And £10 for a double disc is pretty good value.....

    Does anyone have a 320k mp3 of this Dr Jeckyl & Mr Hyde track that they can send me please?

    I believe it was an album only track, and is on the LP Champagne Of Rap.

    TIA :)

    I've never rated this tune, and hardly ever played it. Back in college in '84 when I had Electro 1 on tape, I used to mainly play Jam On Revenge & Break Dance Electric Boogie, and then at the end of those two, rewind the tape back again.

    Following on from such a classic as West St Mob on that mix was hard, and that track was weak compared to it.

    But i've recently played it a couple of times, and it's not actually that bad. It's not a classic, but listenable.


    Quote from kaos;68988

    A riveting thread if ever i saw one :)

    If you don't like it, don't comment, just move along. :)