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    errrmmmm, Jupiter 8, Juno 60 (and 6), Prophet 5 all spring to mind.

    also, The Poly61 is the king of analogue BASS the king of electro synths! This baby out basses a Juno 106 without even trying. It has a real gutsy sound and plenty of CHARACTER! You'll get futuristic spacey sounds and cutting leads that are second to none as well as those awesome bass programs. If you want to hear what a Poly61 can do check out "Hashim's" Al- Naafiysh (THE SOUL) An all time classic electro track. Put the poly61 with an 808 drum/machine and a vocoder & you've PURE Electro heaven. Long live the awesome Poly61...…FKorg-Poly61%2F

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    i also sometimes add a little chorus after the vocoder to fatten things up..

    yes yes yes, I was just gonna say that - chorus will definitely fatten up the sound. Brad, different synths have their own character of sawtooth, square, triangle waveforms, so it would be trial and error. But I would say sawtooth for definite is the basic bones of a robotic voice!

    good luck dude

    Andy :)

    Billy WAS Ultravox, it was always his band. Tell ya what Ste, I am glad we saw Ultravox in 81 when there were banks of synths on stage to the minimal laptop midi set up they now have - but that aside, Billy Currie sure can knock out 'electronic soul' as it were on a keyboard. The guy is a legend!!