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    I have to disagree, FQ were dope. Their first twelve 'Outerspace Rap' from 84 is fiya - probably the best early UK rap record IMO - mystery's verse is butter! And, while i agree sleepwalking is a bit cheesy in places listening to it now, it was huge back then....

    .....and much as i have a lot of respect for the cookies, mystery was defo the first female emcee in LDN

    Akinyele's break a bitch neck has been sold on only a few occasions and apart from the ebay low of $2025, it has sold for £2500 and £3000 - yes pounds! Unbelievable and stoooopid!

    I have to admit though having finally heard it, it is pretty good though (take back what I said in an earlier post!), but for that money I'm quite happy to only ever dream of having one! The same very reliable source told me that there were only between 10 and 18 ever pressed.

    For me, in no particular order:

    Fantasy Three - It's Your Rock
    Afrika Bambaataa - Planet Rock
    Byron Davis - My hands Are Quicker Than The Eye
    DEF/DJ Three D - DEF Momentum
    Family Quest - Outerspace Rap
    Junior Gee/Capital Boys - Check Us Out
    Freestyle - Don't Stop The Rock
    DJ Born Supreme Allah - 2 3 Break
    Imperial Bros - We Come to Rock
    Broken Glass - Stye Of The Street

    In fairness, some early hip hop records have always been very expensive eg Rammellzee Beat Bop. I agree that in the current bubble and hype there are some stupidly overpriced records that are only sought after by virtue of appearing on a mix and being a twelve that noone has because they were a flop at the time of release (but often very good).

    I think if people want to spend a lot then why shouldn't they, after all rare vintage records like Rammelzee for instance are serious collectors items now and this isn't necessarily a bad thing as it shows that our music is now being taken seriously like jazz or whatever else. At the end of the day if you want beat bop for cheap go buy the reissue for a fiver, however if you want the OG - a slice of history then go pay $1000 or more.

    Most expensive records at the moment IMO (some of these I got out of Record Collector magazine - they seem to be doing lots on hip hop now - pretty good stuff actually):

    Mr Magic's Be Bop Convention - $2750
    Family Four - Rap Attack - $1800
    Super 3 - Philosophy rappin Spree - $1500
    Outlaw Four - Million Dollar Legs - $1200
    Kool DJ AJ - Ah that's the joint - $2100
    Rammelzee vs K Rob - Beat Bop - $1800
    Keefy Keef - Three's Company - $2100
    Ron B - Stitch By Stitch - $1100
    Def Rhythm productions - back to the Lab - $1200

    Quote from bhose;16355

    What's that Akinyele jam like then? You got the Von Love EP? If you do would you flog it or trade it?

    Yes, got momentary lapse - great ep. Haven't got the akinyele - to be honest it's well over rated and I wouldn't pay the money for it! It's ok but by no means classic. IMO, while the other uber expensive records are brilliant the akinyele ep is ok - i think it's just up there in terms of being sought after because of the size of the press - if outlaw 4, for example, had a press of that size it would probably be going for three times the amount!

    The most expensive I've known are probably as follows:

    Mr Magic's Be Bop Convention LP (Tri State) - very rarely turns up, but I know on the last two occasions has topped $2500 - $2650 and $2750

    Akinyele - Break A Bitch Neck (Liberty Grooves) - very few in existence - less in demand but due to rarity and still a lot of demand - I've known this sell for $2500

    Outlaw Four - Million Dollar Legs (Dynamite PEP) - $1200 I've known

    The two rare delmars: Super 3 - Philosophy Rappin Spree and Spyder D's Spinnin Webs - both around $1200 mark - super 3 used to be rarer till the reissue

    Kool DJ AJ - Ah that's the joint (White Diamond) around $1500

    Wish I had them! Sadly I'll have to settle for reissues and represses!

    Current top 5 electro for me:

    Byron Davis - Hands are quicker than the eye
    DJ Three D - Def Momentum
    Shaquan - Don't Fess
    Automation/Family Quest - Outerspace rap
    Imperial Brothers - We come to rock

    and, current top five old school:

    Bam + Soulsonic - Zulu nation Throwdown
    Ronnie Gee - Raptivity
    Brother D - How we gonna make the black nation rise
    Cold Crush Brothers - Weekend
    Trickeration - Rap Bounce Rock Skate