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    CannaCopter - Serious Breaks 07.10.2018 GFR

    Mike Ash - Inside the Machines (Commuter Remix)
    Sound Chasers - All Eyes Are Open
    Delayscape - Red Over 4
    Jensen Interceptor - Microbial (Original Mix)
    Legowelt - Lake Express
    Defekt - Memory Select
    Automatic Tasty - Praise Brigade
    CN - Peripheral Light
    Cygnus - Extra Terrestrials
    Fah - Fine Space
    Fleck ESC - La Nuit Des Masques
    Hardfloor - Swag my glitch up (Morphology Remix)
    Anthony Rother - Father
    Microlith - Neukölln
    Synth Alien - Flying Over The Steppe
    Luke Eargoggle & Kan3da - Icelandic Lady
    Mr.Velcro Fastener - Number Of The Beats
    Fleck ESC - Mutation
    Mike Ash - Landing On The Moon
    Franck Kartell - Sedna
    Dez Williams - Flashbox
    Kan3da - Leda and The Swan
    Das Muster - Der Lange Weg
    Dexter - D-Funked
    Transparent Sound - Simpletons
    Moon Disco - 60659
    Radioactive Man - You me and the gate post
    Dexter - Valve (Live)

    CannaCopter - Serious Breaks 02.09.2018 GFR

    J.Alvarez - Suncid
    Alessandro Parisi - Space Machine
    Koan - One day all will become clear
    DMX Krew - I Can't Control The Feeling
    Arktika - Rhythm Of Life
    The Furious Five feat. Cowboy, Melle Mel & Scorpio - Step Off
    Garcon Taupe - Dolby Pipeline
    Heinrich Dressel - The Fifty Days of Mighty Lunacy
    Ali Renault - Model Of Hope
    SUNTRA - Aquomentus
    Fatima Yamaha - What's a Girl to Do
    MetaComplex - Synaptic Activity
    Plant43 - Tellarium Snow
    N-Ter - Polar Star
    Composite Profuse - Prof Minimal
    Mr Haselbain - Estelar
    Eargoggle and Volfram - We are Pyramid
    AS1 - Within Me
    Utilizer - Red Dice
    DJ XED - Freak
    Hitachi II - Tokyo City
    Bruno Binary - Binary Control
    Koova - Smell of Mammal
    DJ Godfather - the Alpha
    Mc DaveG - I'm The Future
    Blastromen - Human 2.0
    Diplomat - Ultrasonic Warhead

    CannaCopter - Serious Breaks 05.08.2018 GFR

    Computor Rockers - The B-Boys
    Gian & Massi - Gloaming Haze
    Commuter - Digital Memories (Part 2)
    Middle Men - Space Quest II (Earth Odyssey)
    Daribone - Landing In The Interzone
    Bass Junkie - Who is it What is it
    Fatima Yamaha - Between Worlds
    =UHU= - Elektronik ist Fantastik
    Blastromen - Outsider
    Das Muster - Zeitkapsel
    Komarken Electronics - And Again...
    Code Rising - Beat Machines
    Debonaire - Freaks In The Bedroom
    Kalson - East Universe
    Microlith - Purple Chords (Trypheme Remix)
    D.I.E. - Out With Tha Old
    Króm - Painting Textures (Sniper Mode Remix)
    Azure Taint - TripTease
    TwoFourteen - surfaced
    Automatic Tasty - R U Local !
    Duplex - Subsequent
    Exzakt - outside looking in
    MAS 2008 - Being A Number
    Autonomous Bass Heads - Get Ready Bass
    Electrocore feat. A'Gun - It's Party Time!
    ERP - Ancient Light
    EOD - The Battery Poles (Are Conic!)
    Transparent Sound - Can you see
    Sbles3plex - Under electro sound
    Morphology - Polar Wander
    Blastromen - Unite Arise

    CannaCopter - Serious Breaks 03.06.2018 GFR

    Com Truise - Isostasy
    Koan - In the Garden of the Hesperides (Golden Apples mix)
    The Orb - Perpetual Dawn
    The Future Sound Of London - Cascade
    Rabbit In The Moon - FLooRi.D.A. (Rabbit In The Moon's Handled Without Care Mix)
    Leftfield - Song Of Life
    Orbital - Never
    BMI goes India - Sri Halam
    Underworld - Surfboy
    B-Boy Tronik - Chamerming India (New Age Remix)
    Kettel - Fishfred
    Fluke - Goodnight Lover
    Skanfrom - Cashier 2
    Alessandro Parisi - Dimensional Wave Impulse
    Anthony Rother - Matrix
    Sniper Mode - The Messenger
    Freak Electrique - Fright Jazz
    Guardner - Seeds
    üNN - View From A Bridge
    Keen K - Dark Silver Blue
    Automatic Tasty - Listening Posts
    Dynamik Bass System - We Are In Control
    Evil XII - Minsk-Detroit
    Orgue Electronique - Stairway to the Ocean
    Quadratschulz - Ring The Bell (Tribute)
    Cli-N-Tel - 2030 (Blotnik Brothers Remix)
    Shinra - Reflector

    CannaCopter - Serious Breaks 06.05.2018 GFR

    Legowelt vs. Orgue Electronique - Mr Jims nightclub
    Cybonix - Tha Funk
    Heliopause - Forward
    Spectrums Data Forces - Controlling The Universe
    Microthol vs. DJ Glow - Wired
    CN - The Future You
    Orbital - The Box
    101 - Free
    Faceless Mind - Addicted To News
    N-ter - Detroit, Where It All Began
    DJ Xed-Crobot Muzik
    Detroit's Filthiest - Legendary
    Aux 88 - Electro Techno (Microknox Remix)
    Autobot - Time Compute
    DJ Godfather - First Contact (Breakdown Mix)
    Cybonix - Make This Party Live

    CannaCopter - Explorer of the Synth Planet 04.03.2018 GFR

    Karl Lihagen - Weddel Sea
    Koan - The Island of Deceased Ships
    Anoraak - Midnight Sunset
    Kettel - Kroost Kids
    Arktika - Histoire D'amour
    Holon - Man And Machine
    Tycho - Receiver
    Lorenzo Montana & Mick Chillage - Over Gears
    Vector Lovers - Yesterday Is Gone
    Visonia - Antarctic Love
    S U R V I V E - Omniverse
    Com Truise - ...Of Your Fake Dimension
    Alessandro Parisi - Space Machine
    Komarken Electronics – Amore

    CannaCopter - Serious Breaks 04.03.2018 GFR

    Koax the Droid - Serious Breaks Jingle
    Curios - Jamp
    Franck Kartell – Cercle Arctique
    Automatic Tasty - Rocky Valley
    DVS NME - Sentience (Pip Williams Remix)
    Cybernet Systems - Future Shox
    Morphology - Conductive Force
    Assemblage 23 - Rain Falls Down (Ohverclock Remix)
    Anthony Rother - Genstruktur
    Microlith - Traces
    Duplex - Scenes Of A Life
    Gosub - In This Life
    Dmitry Distant - Luxure (Commuter Remix)
    SbassShip - Solaris
    Boris Divider - Streetwalker

    Superbad Soul Connection 04.02.2018 GFR

    Donny Hathaway - The Ghetto
    The Temptations - Papa Was A Rollin' Stone
    Vicki Anderson - Message from the Soul Sisters
    Curtis Mayfield - Pusherman
    Isaac Hayes - Do Your Thing
    Baby Huey - Hard Times
    Eddie Hazel - California Dreamin
    Darondo - Let My People Go
    The Electric Peanut Butter Company - The Devil
    Lack of Afro - The Importance of Elsewhere
    Richard Groove Holmes - How Insensitive
    Jimmy Mcgriff - Dig On It

    Serious Breaks 04.02.2018 GFR

    Koax the Droid - Serious Breaks Jingle
    Umwelt - Outside me
    Krypton 81 - Atmosphere
    LektroiD - Odyssey
    Unit Black Flight - Preternatural Convergence
    Radioactive Man - Fed-Ex To Munchen
    Exzakt - Night Ride
    Aural Float - New Frontiers (Audiowerk RMX)
    Microlith - Mahta
    Orbital - You Lot
    Visonia - Immunity
    Holon - Transcendence
    Vector Lovers - Melodies and Memory
    Skanfrom - Tar

    CannaCopter - Legends of Afrobeat 07.01.2018 GFR

    Osibisa - The Dawn
    Mop Mop - Kamakumba
    Mulatu Astatke - Mulatu
    Ikebe Shakedown - Rio Grande
    Cymande - One More
    Manu Dibango - New-Bell 'Hard Pulsation'
    Mandingo - The Man From Takoradi
    Souljazz Orchestra - Mista President
    Fela Kuti - Zombie
    Jungle Fire - Firewalker
    Shaolin Afronauts - Kilimanjaro
    Antibalas - Gold Rush

    CannaCopter - Serious Breaks 07.01.2018 GFR

    Koax the Droid - Serious Breaks Jingle
    Anthony Rother - Omnitronic
    Legowelt - Pandamonium
    Legowelt vs. Orgue Electronique - haunted arp
    DMX Krew - Bad Boy
    Microlith - Ostkreuz
    Komarken Electronics - Motivation
    Steiner - Spirit Horse
    -=UHU=- - Mission
    Sbles3plex - Novacanco
    Gosub - Mind Travel
    Invisible Rockers Crew - Electro Force now is here
    Orbital - Lush
    Vector Lovers - Crash Premonition
    Mike Ash - Stark Reality
    Transparent Sound - The Cider Club (Espion Remix)

    CannaCopter - Serious Breaks 05.11.2017 GFR

    Carbon Based Lifeforms - Digital Child
    Boards of Canada - Open The Light
    Koan - night flight on a sea dragon (green mix)
    Boards of Canada - Roygbiv
    Tycho - Aascension
    Four Tet - Two Thousand and Seventeen
    Kettel & Secede - Fullmoon
    Kettel - Quickpig
    Com Truise - Propagation
    808 State - Pacific State
    Orbital - Lush
    Deep Forest - Savana Dance
    Vector Lovers - Girl & Robot
    Boris Divider - Human Extinction
    Synth Alien - Cosmic Lights
    Alessandro Parisi - Cosmica 1999
    Gesloten Cirkel - Stakan
    Jodey Kendrick - My Mate Aelfric
    Microlith - Sky Envelopes
    Africaine 808 - Revanche
    Orbital - Copenhagen

    CannaCopter - Serious Breaks 01.10.2017 GFR

    Koax The Droid - Serious Breaks Jingle
    John Foxx - Underpass
    Motion Unit feat. Garp – Copper
    Fleck E.S.C. ?- From The Beat Side
    Drexciya - Lake Haze
    Shinra - Pinwheel
    Code Rising - Contact
    Christian Smith and John Selway - Blink Of An Eye
    J-Break & Brian van Dalen - Miami (Agent K & Deuce Remix)
    Dr. Break - 03 - 1983 (Rawish Reminisce)
    Amper Clap - Fun Keys (2016 Edit)
    Robert Cosmic - Back To Reality (Dark Vektor Remix)
    Detroit in Effect - Move Yo Body
    Luke Eargoggle & Kan3da - Night Smoker

    CannaCopter - Drum & Bass Junglist 01.10.2017 GFR

    PFM - The Western
    Origin Unknown - Valley of The Shadows
    Noisia - Moon Palace (feat. TeeBee)
    High Contrast - Tread Softly
    JPS and Hooves - Maya
    Future Prophecies - September (featuring Roger Ludvigsen)
    Logistics - As Sure as Sunrise feat. Hugh Hardie
    Davip - Level 4
    Pendulum - Hold Your Colour
    John B - The Journey (Metrik Instrumental Remix)
    dRxId - Black Hole
    Camo & Krooked - Tonight
    Deekline & Ed Solo - King of The Bongo

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    CannaCopter - Serious Breaks 03.09.2017 GFR

    Koax The Droid - Serious Breaks Jingle
    London Modular Alliance - Lucid
    Anthony Rother - Netzwerk
    Silicon Scally - Interlock
    Mynationshit - Tokyo Dansu
    Electrodefender - The Voice
    N-Ter - Nothing's Too Far
    Cli-N-Tel - 2030 (DJ Xed Remix)
    Bass Patrol - Don't Stop Rocking
    PL_anet - Cybertronic Clones
    EOD - M.PIN
    Gique - Device Rider
    Mas 2008 - 2008 FM
    Code Rising - Rocket Like This
    Autobot 1000 - Electro

    CannaCopter - Roots Reggae Rambler 03.09.2017 GFR

    Inner circle - Bad boys
    Black Uhuru - Great Train Robbery
    Desmond Dekker - Shanty Town
    Phyllis Dillon - Woman Of The Ghetto
    Toots & the Maytals - Funky Kingston
    The Tamlins - Baltimore
    Steel Pulse - Soldiers
    Israel Vibration - Rudeboy Shufflin
    Barrington Levy - Murderer
    John Holt - Police in Helicopter
    Peter Tosh - Johnny B. Goode
    The Specials - Ghost Town
    Augustus Pablo - Java
    The Gladiators - Looks Is Deceiving
    Johnny Osbourne - Truth and Rights

    CannaCopter - Serious Breaks 06.08.2017 GFR

    Koax The Droid - Serious Breaks Jingle
    Visonia - Juana de Arco
    Squadra Blanco - the night must fall
    Tryphème - Acid Dream
    Leftfield - Not Forgotten
    Microlith - Rain Dance
    Microlith - Remote Sound
    Flux - Patched
    Automatic Tasty - Sentimentalist's Choice
    EOD - Borea
    Tengrams - Everyone is worth saving
    Metroland - Art and Technology (Sound of Science Remix)
    Commuter - No Heat (Corps Exquis Remix)
    Mynationshit - Marmo
    MetaComplex - Synaptic Activity

    CannaCopter - Serious Breaks 02.07.2017 GFR

    Koax the Droid - Serious Breaks Jingle
    Disco Sigaretta - 479
    Newcleus - Destination Earth
    Davy DMX - One For The Treble
    Whodini - The Haunted House Of Rock (Extended Mix)
    Davy DMX - DMX will rock
    Kold Krew - Dont let em drop the bomb
    Kurtis Blow - The Breaks
    Whodini - Magic's Wand
    Break Machine - Street Dance
    Paul Hardcastle - Papa's Got a Brand New Pigbag (Electrofunk version)
    C.O.D. - In The Bottle

    CannaCopter - Jazz-Funk Experience 02.07.2017 GFR

    Bob James - Nautilus
    Dizzy Gillespie - Unicorn
    B.Baker Chocolate Company - Snowblower
    Ronnie Laws - Always There
    Herb Alpert - Rotation
    Dave Grusin - Friends And Strangers
    Sea Level - Fifty Four
    Blue Mitchell - Dorado
    Mike Longo - Matrix
    Richard Groove Holmes - Down Home Funk
    Incognito - Summer's Ended

    CannaCopter - Italo Disco Desire 04.06.2017 GFR

    Decadance vs Italoconnection - On And On (fears Keep On) (Italoconnection Radio Edit)
    Koto - Chinese Revenge ('89 Mix)
    Space Project - Legend Of The Past (Italo Disco Live Rremix)
    Mario Moretti - Velocita
    Q - The Voice Of Q
    Stelee Up - Waiting For You
    Palermo Disco Squad - Vacanze D'Estate
    Cerrone - Freak Connection (The Robot Scientists Freak Edit)
    Koto - Dragons Legend (Siegfried's Mix)
    Putsch '79 - Picotto Jade
    Infinity Night - La Rencontre
    Keen K - From the Outside
    Alexander Robotnick - Problemes D'amour
    Klapto - Mister Game
    Digimax - Cosmic Haze
    Ichisan - Od Lagune Do Lagune
    Phrenic - Mischa (Stinkworks Italo Mix)
    Klein & MBO - Dirty Talk (USA Connection Instrumental)
    Charlie - Space Woman
    D.F. & Pam – On The Beat
    Odessa - Private Disco Show
    Kano - I'm Ready
    'Lectric Workers - Robot is Systematic
    Tony Cops - Space Cabin

    CannaCopter - Serious Breaks 07.05.2017 GFR

    Koax The Droid - Break Tha Beat (Radio Edit Mix)
    Mumm - Ein Blick In Die Zukunft
    Faceless Mind - Timeless Message
    Jackal and Hyde - Bad Robot
    Exzakt - End of the Pain
    Agent K - Open Up Your Soul (Wutam & J-Break Remix)
    B-Boy Tronik - Bring That Beat Back
    DJ R21 - Flight
    Bass Junkie - Beyond Time beyond Bass
    Ditone - Infoporn
    Micro Control Unit - Save The World
    Transparent Sound - Synthnotizer
    N-Ter - Pannonian Sea

    CannaCopter - Wild West Adventure 07.05.2017 GFR

    Shadows - Apache
    Ventures - (Ghost) Riders in the Sky
    Stelvio Cipriani - A Man, a Horse, a Gun
    Francesco de Masi - Seven Men
    Bruno Nicolai - Ballata Per Ringo
    The City Of Prague Philharmonc - The Big Country
    Elmer Bernstein - The Magnificent Seven
    Percy Faith - The Virginian
    Piero Piccioni - Io Non Perdono, Uccido
    Piero Piccioni - Una Colt in Mano al Diavolo
    Ennio Morricone - For A Few Dollars More (Theme)
    Ennio Morricone - Il Buono, il Brutto, il Cattivo
    Ennio Morricone - The Ecstasy Of Gold
    Ennio Morricone - The Man With The Harmonica
    Bill Elm and Woody Jackson - (Theme From) Red Dead Redemption
    Ramin Djawadi - Sweetwater
    Piero Umiliani - Blood River
    Michele Lacerenza - Kidnapping
    Francesco Di Masi - Jerry's Theme
    Piero Piccioni - Spine Of The Devil

    CannaCopter - Serious Breaks 02.04.2017 GFR

    Koax The Droid - Serious Breaks Jingle
    DJ R21 - Synthetix
    Unborn - Reality
    N-Ter - Life
    Tekhnekratos - Cathode Junkie
    James White - Untitled
    Divider - Disco Travolta
    MAS 2008 - G.E.R.
    Breakin' All Stars - Megamix 98
    Sound Chasers - Time
    D.I.E. - Got to be the Music
    Drexciya - Oxyplasmic Gyration Beam
    Cybotron - Techno City

    CannaCopter - Secret Agent Grooves 02.04.2017 GFR

    Hugo Montenegro - Get Smart' Theme
    Hugo Montenegro - Theme From 'The Man From U.N.C.L.E.'
    Hugo Montenegro - Secret Agent Man
    Hugo Montenegro - Come Spy With Me
    John Barry - The James Bond Theme
    John Barry - Oddjob's Pressing Engagement
    Henry Mancini - The Pink Panther Theme
    Johnny Mandel - Harper Does It Better
    Pat Williams Orchestra - The Streets Of San Francisco
    David Axelrod - Urizen
    Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Dirty Larry
    Dennis Coffey - Scorpio
    Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Theme From 'The Organizer'
    Cumbustible Edison - Spy vs. Spy
    A Forest Mighty Black - Everything
    Luis Bacalov - La Seduzione (Kid Loco Remix)
    Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra -That's Right
    Bohren & der Club of Gore - Constant Fear