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    If the input is 100-240v as you say, then it should handle the Australian voltage just fine with that adapter head. The head will easily pass the current that the adapter says it requires. Everything looks good to go.

    I would just plug it in, but if you are unsure, plug in the adapter and the head to the wall first with no Mopho. Then, if nothing unpleasant happens, plug in the Mopho.

    i agree but only because the amperage on the head can handle what the converter requires and ultimately the electrical flow will be dependent on the converter and the unit

    looks pretty good if you ask me.

    i do agree that it does fail as a synth... it's not a synth, but a sampler, a really good one.

    aside from the sampler, is there anything else special about this thing?

    i had a bit of fun recording the Galaxy preset, with the modulation turned off, messing with the envelope settings, and the vibrato as well

    i read somewhere online that sigur ros does some pretty interesting stuff with it, but i can't really tell since i don't listen to his music much ???

    if anybody who's had/used one of these in the past and is familiar with it, i'm looking for just some recommendations on what you've done with it and what i should try before i gotta give this thing back. i borrowed it from a good friend and i don't want to keep it for too long.

    i plan on playing back the sounds within the Directwave plugin on FL so manipulating the length(looping), envelope settings, modulation, vibrato, and everything else from FL should be no problem once i get the basics recorded.

    hell, if i get some good suggestions, i may even upload a sample pack to share(24bit, 96kHz using my echo audiofire so you know the AD/DA converters are about as good as anything out there) just as a thankful appreciation for your guidance as i know many of you are veterans to the vintage synth world. :cylon:

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    yes , do it again ...

    meh trying to get a bunch of slack jawed forum trolls to do something again correctly is harder than that.

    anyway, began on a project and routed every track to 3 different sends separated by an eq i set on each one as a crossover. then i compressed each band hi/mid/low separately using voxengo elephant, then sent those to the master with no compression there, just a 3 knob eq with slight overdrive(yea a form of compression but it works differently than most, just for that warmth effect). i am pretty pleased with the results so far. ;D

    looks like the warez crackers don't even waste their time on nero since it's gotten so bad over the years along with the fact that there are much better apps out there for free....

    have used CdBurnerXp but that has a bug that tends to turn dual layer dvds into coasters, but everything else seems to work fine. (it's another good program aside from that one issue that i've noticed and free)

    +1 vote for imgburn

    DVD Flick for making dvd movies. It also can burn to disk, or can create an image to use in another program.

    i know this is a long time for a thread bump, but i came across this during a search for a lower memory usage alternative to camelspace¿ anyways, found a few free ones online....

    ...but to this topic, as another way to clear up some room have you tried m/s equalization? pushing the midrange off to the sides (stereo width) while keeping the high and/or low ends in the center.

    i suggest the highs in the center as well as the low end only because the sides are usually full of drum hi-hat/cymbal delays and whatnot. only major conflict might be electric guitars or maybe vocals, but that usually isn't an issue in most electro as there aren't many songs with either.

    if you figured this out or already know about it, cool. if not, i can post up some demonstration vids and links to some free tools online if you or anybody else wishes.


    i got a question....

    working on a track with amateur rap artists who recorded their vocals on their home computer systems without quality interfaces and mics...

    the vocals they recorded sound a bit muffled and i also noticed that the frequency completely cuts off everything above 9kHz, so no amount of boosting or eqing seem to bring those frequencies back to make them sound lively. anybody got a workaround for something like that?

    oh, and a workaround i've found on some is trying to find a separate duplicate of what "filterfreak" does and apply it on the efx mixer track instead of within the vst istelf. i've had mixed results on some of them, but hey it's better than nothing. :-/

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    what daws do you use ? and which version of that plug do you use ... write also if is cracked and which group is cracked that version ...

    meh, i'm using FL, but i have found that i can get better sounds out of the generic 3xOsc than i can with phoscyon even being able to twist knobs so it doesn't really matter to me. :cylon:

    also using NI Massive finding that some can be linked and others not. at least you can have it self automate within massive. ;D