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    Soon to be released on Nu Illusion, "Rob Real - Eraser: Volume II", featuring 5 remixes of last year's "Eraser" from 5 excellent artists, and a slightly modified "live version" of the original track. Available soon exclusively on / and junodownload for 4 weeks, then also available in all other digital stores including Beatport and iTunes.

    Final tracklisting:

    1. Rob's live version
    2. Diplomat remix
    3. Phonotronix remix
    4. J-Double remix
    5. Anthony Nuzzo remix
    6. Darxid remix

    Clips will be available very soon at /

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    Quote from defelectrobeatsv3;43646

    I just realized that the GS remixes are only of that song + the 3 or 4 extras. i thought this was a REMIX ALBUM of GS3. i guess i should read things thoroughly!!!


    Yeah there are technically 8 new remixes of the "Global Surveyor" track itself, but all of these versions are essentially different tracks altogether. Each of these "remixes" is mostly original material from that remixer, we were basically just given the dry vocals to remix (and 1 or 2 sounds maybe). So these are essentially all original tracks using the same dry vocals. Combine that with the four separate, actual original tracks included on the remix package, and you end up with a "Bonus CD" that is really a full-length 12-song LP of TUNES TUNES TUNES!

    My Global Surveyor Remix Promo Video on YouTube:

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    Back in 2003-04, Nu Illusion Music (Rob Real's own record label)
    released on vinyl "Destroy Zion/Tranzformer Wars". The songs
    qucikly gained popularity, but then disappeared into obscurity when
    the vinyl ran out and was not repressed.

    In 2006 Bass Frequency Productions released the vinyls "Electro
    Endeavors vol. 1 & 2", two stunning compilations with some great
    electro talent (including Exzakt, Rob Real, Cryotron, Boris Divider,
    Supreme Ja, Kounterakt, and more). Cryotron's "Obey My Master"
    appeared on the first volume, and "Obliteration" appeared on the
    latter. These songs also quickly gained popularity.

    2009. After taking a long break from Cryotron to focus on their
    solo careers, Rob Real and Anthony Nuzzo are back at work,
    beginning with the revamp and re-release of the old classics.

    "Obey My Master 2.0" is a collection of new and improved versions
    of Obey My Master and Obliteration, as well as the four original cuts
    from the Destroy Zion record from Nu Illusion Music in 2003-04.

    Track listing:

    1. Obey My Master - Rob Real 2.0 Upgrade
    2. Obliteration - Rob Real 2.0 Upgrade
    3. Destroy Zion (2003 Original)
    4. Tranzformer Wars (2003 Original)
    5. Destroy Zion (Rob Real 2003 remix)
    6. Tranzformer Wars (Anthony Nuzzo 2003 remix)

    You can buy this release now at
    and all the other download sites.

    I go through hell getting my songs to sound right once they are "finished". This is a broad question and can be answered with many different pieces of advice. For one thing, check your songs on many sound systems after you are done. Especially try to check them in a car with somebody who has some bass. If you have a friend who has 10s in the car and another friend who has 12s, check them both. As for the loudness things, a lot of songs arent that loud before they are mastered (I am assuming your tracks arent mastered). You can try adding a maximizer to your drum sounds, this will make them nice and loud without clipping. This should allow you to turn your other sounds up in volume, siince its usually the drum sounds that will clip first. The L3 multimaximizer is a good vst to use for this.

    Learning to play the piano IS incredibly boring. It doesnt get cool until you've been doing it for a long time. Yes, the practice books are boring, and practicing itself is boring. It takes a very long time really to be able to sit down and rock the thing..... just like it takes a long time to learn how to make really good electro. If you really want to do it, you just have to endure the boredom for the first little while (i w0ould say even the first year or two or even more). But.... once you do know how to play it, and once you can rock it, its really fantastic. And knowing how to play it will make learning any instrument easy as pie.
    Getting yourself a private teacher rather than trying to teach yourself will speed things up a lot.

    This is all just my advice, but what do I know... Ive only been playing classical piano for 24 years. ;)

    Rob Real

    Hello bass friends!

    My new "Eraser" EP will be available this weekend on BFP. "Eraser" itself was described by both Jackal & Hyde as being "inspirational", and was also praised by Exzakt, Darxid, and other electro artists. With an awesome sounding vocoder and intelligent lyrics that are left open to interpretation for many possible meanings, this is one of my best works of originality. The mixdown of "Eraser" on this EP is much, MUCH more beefy than the original mixdown which appeared on the CD "Bass Frequenciez Vol. 1 mixed by J-Break" (BFP). This is a 3-track EP, and is in my opinion some of my best stuff to date. The 2nd cut is my new remix of "Contamination", a track I did last year with another artist named Lucid. The remix is very big and heavy on the bass, with crystal clear vocoder lyrics, and a lot more going on this time around. The 3rd cut is a new track of mine called "Voices in the House", and is also a good work of originality. With a more subtle vocoder in this one, but whispers that give you the creeps, and a big epic creepy melody in the middle of the song. All 3 of these tracks are good club tracks with big bottom badda-bing badda-BOOM!

    Clips of the tracks have been uploaded to my myspace, Feel free to check them out, and hopefully pick up the release when it comes out this Friday on BFP!

    Thanks bass friends!

    Rob Real
    Nu Illusion