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    Update: Bought a used Mackie Control Universal. The motorized faders are very, very sweet!
    I haven't gotten used to the different workflow yet … I have never used a controller and just did everything on my computer keyboard. I still don't know if a "mixing console" style controller is what I need; maybe something like NI Maschine is better for my needs, but I'll give the Mackie Control some more time!

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    did anybody try it out and compare it to a real 808? I'm currently planning to buy one and just heard good stuff about it. It looks awesome but it looks as if it has less functions than the original TR-808. Or am I just blind?

    I read reviews by guys who own both an 808 and a Miami. They say the Miami isn't even close to the 808. But I guess it is the best you can get short of a real 808.

    I recently bought the Superlux HD-668 B.
    They are dirt cheap (30 €), but you will find raving reviews all over the web.
    I'm using them for precision work in my mixes … they reveal things I have never heard before, even on good studio monitors. Not recommended for "Hi-Fi" listening experience though; the highs are quite sharp.

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    What do you mean? "Trans Europa Express" and "Planet Rock" have the same melody. Even if the melody was played and recorded new it still sounds the same way IMO.

    you are right of course, my bad!

    if I remember correctly there are 3 Kraftwerk influenced elements in Planet Rock:
    1. beat from numbers
    2. main melody from trans europe express
    3. interlude part, more or less an interpolation of trans europe express.

    so i guess the lawsuit must have been only about no. 2, right?

    btw, that initial "metall auf metall" verdict has just been confirmed by one of Germany's highest courts. Some comments even talk about the verdict being even tightened. It begs the question why, in a time where remixing and sampling have almost become widespread "folk" techniques (youtube, internet, the possibility of music production on a computer basically with freeware programs alone), that the copyright laws are being more and more tightened, and totally disconnected from modern day reality.

    just the other day I read about the lawsuit that Kraftwerk started against Planet Rock and how Tom Silverman ended up having to pay extraordinary amounts of settlement. I asked myself what exactly could have been the base of Kraftwerk's claim? There was nothing sampled, and Planet Rock didn't even use the exact melody. Any ideas?

    reviving an old thread here ...

    any more input?

    i'm looking for a controller for production purposes ... i am NOT using ableton in a live setting and i am NOT using the session view. looking for better workflow, better navigation, better control over pots and faders of plugins.

    yeah, saw it yesterday … my gf told me a ticket would be 55 €, presale starting today at 10 so no idea how long there will actually be any left. only ralf left of the original line-up, though.

    It's crazy that you feel "Jam on it" was just a quick track to satisfy the record company … for me (and I guess for many others), that track still stands to be one of the greatest Hip Hop tunes of all time!

    Re: Computer Age:
    I always thought the drums were a bit like Trans Europe Express .. in that you had a lot of 16th kicks, with a slightly less syncopated / more straight feel (compared to numbers).

    Btw, do you have any rights to the phrase "Push the button"? I noticed that the Chemical Brothers used it in "Galvanize" .. and the way they used it sounds quite similar to Computer Age:


    P.S. I've been listening to Electric Café a lot lately and have learned to love it. I really think it's a hugely underrated album.

    There's this whole teleological argument about how everything went downhill with Electric Cafe:
    - The topics were of minor importance (talking about everyday things like electric café and telephone calls instead of global matters like a computer world or the man-machine).
    - The use of digital synths and samplers instead of the creativity of analog.
    - Summed up, Kraftwerk reached a peak of aesthetic excellence with Computerworld and consequently turned to decadence and decline with Electric Café (think of Montesquieu's, Gibbon's or Thomas Cole's portrayal of the Roman Empire).

    While I generally agree with this view, I still think there's a kind of surplus / excess which escapes the formalism of the argument: and that is the sheer musical quality of Electric Cafè's tunes. :)

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    BTW, here is the original studio recording before Jonathan Fearing got his grubby hands on it and changed the pitch (and key of course) and made me relay the vocal.…TRK%20Ruff).mp3

    i have to admit i prefer the lushness and big production of the album version, but the smoooooooooth vocals of the original recording are way cool. :D
    the lower key seems to suit the song better.

    Wow, I would have never guessed.
    For the Hi-Hat part, you are talking about the "break" in "Home Computer", right?
    I wouldn't have recognized the bass, either … "I'm not a robot" just has a completely different vibe. If you didn't tell, you totally would have gotten away stealing it without anyone ever noticing. :D

    BTW, I always thought those 808 breaks were inspired by Warp 9's "Light years away" .. they used those A LOT.

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    Karl Bartos holding a 12" of 'Planet Rock' at 16:55
    "They ripped my beat off.... bloody bastards" :D

    as if it was his own beat … he stole it from some funk drummer.
    same thing with arthur baker: he didn't just rip it off, he transformed it and made it 100 times better. ;D