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    Mockery? LOL!!! Those were INSULTS man!!! :D

    Haha .. awesome!

    So wouldn't that historically be the very first diss on a hip hop record?

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    I'm supposed that you "not interested" becouse it's consequence from your answers: You don't know some difinition for EM, names and call not disco composition - disco :)

    Can you add some more names and their style of EM on your choice from 70s to our time?

    Wex, this is getting a bit tedious.
    Maybe you could just tell us what you are getting at instead of asking more trick questions.

    Oh man, "Must be the music" is such a great tune! never saw that connection. :o

    I really like Chilly B's bass playing on "No more running" ... that groove is so TIGHT! Were you guys also responsible for the music behind Dynamic Breakers - Dynamic? I love how you have both synth bass and real bass in there (the synth sounds more like a pro one than a 303 on that one though?). One more question ;D : When you say you were inspired by funk/R&B tunes, was the choice of the 303 due to low price and availabilty? I'm asking cause a lot of funk band at that time were probably using a Minimoog for bass and I was wondering if you deliberately chose not to.

    P.S.: Was that Sugarhill part on "Jam on revenge" meant as an homage or as mockery?

    Hey Cozmo,

    Would you be willing to share some of your influences, like you mentioned in the Electro Funk thread? I'd be interested in learning which specific songs you used ore were inspired by for specific Newcleus tunes? Maybe we could do it track by track. :D

    As an example, you once revealed that the bass of Jam on it was borrowed from Yazoo's Situation.

    Any more you can think of? I hope there's plenty. :)

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    ...and the only track that can get away with the heavy breathing 'credibly' imo is Tour De France' as it kicked off the whole idea of doing it in the first place... but all the other West Coast jams with the heavy breathing would have sounded a lot better if they'd left out the silly breathing business.

    Actually, I agree ... I was just trying to wind you up. ;)

    ... but still, Techno City is in my top 10. :P

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    haha...AGREED! ITS AWFUL! You techno boys can lay claim to that and have it man... :D

    Forget it bhose, I won't let the Techno boys have it! Hell of a tune ... and proper ELECTRO :D

    Haha ... well Techno City doesn't have a funk beat but a 4/4 kick drum, so technically it wouldn't be electro. But I'd say you also have to consider things as:
    - the time that tune was created
    - the context in which it was created (i.e. Cybotron's other work)
    - the broader musical vibe of it (for example the strong, groove-oriented and syncopated bass)
    ... which makes it an electro tune in my book. :D

    My general point being this: While abstract definitions are necessary, they only get you so far. There is no point in applying a general formula to any specific track and judging it in an abstract way. I think you always have to listen to the specific track first and also take into account a broader (sometimes even non musical) context.

    (This is also meant as an answer to WEX who is such an avid proponent of definitions :) )

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    Electro: Electronic dance music with a Funk beat rhythm with an emphasis on synthetic sounds.

    That's a good definition!


    But what about "Techno City"?


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    "its syncopated rhythm is fundamentally built on the base model "kick-snare-kick-kick-snare-kick" whose typical example is the piece of Kraftwerk's "Numbers'''.

    This is the most insane part of that Wikipedia article ... I thought that electro article was misguided in a lot of ways; I think there is even a thread about it where it is discussed.

    Edit: Found it:

    And Starchild: When I am speaking of "Electro" in this thread, I am of course using it as a short form of "electro funk" ... but I would agree with you that we should rather speak of electro funk to avoid confusion.

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    Anthony Rother - Grid Stripper

    I like this, like the dark but still poppy vibe .. he can really pull off that kind of style. It's not the greatest material he ever released, but he's still churning out quality stuff. And whether you like him or not, you have to admit that he has a signature style … any of his tracks, you immediately know it's Rother.

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    OK, further then on the original topic. What distinguishes "Electro" from "Electro Funk"? If "Numbers" is Electro, why is "Computer Age" Electro Funk? :)

    Numbers: More emphasis on the "weird electronic sounds" side of things. Beatwise, more emphasis on the mechanical, robotic quality.
    Computer Age: More emphasis on the groove. Huge emphasis on the bass (there is no bass on Numbers).

    wow thanks a lot!
    that was enlightening ... and it confirms a lot we have talked about in the last 5 pages.

    great thread btw ... i like reading all the different perspectives and opinions on the matter.

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    What about The Man Machine album? Lots of Disco beats on there. Kind of thinking that they were a bit influenced by Giorgio Moroder on that one, but that would be blasphemy! :D

    oh, you are right of course!

    when i was writing danceable i only had funk music in mind, but Man Machine is a dance album too of course (in a 4-to-the-floor / disco / electro-pop kind of way).

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    Except that they found that the train syncopation "was not danceable" and they altered it to make it so. ;)

    wow, did they say so? :o
    would be most interesting to find out.

    (now it's getting ultra nerdy ... but once i was bored and wrote a piece where i traced in detail how that beat was constructed:…ss-deconstruction-of.html
    just checked, and the audio files are still working ... yay!)

    don't know anything about iceman ja, but i know that mega jons bass is an old tune. you sure that this is a new release or just a compilation of older tracks?