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    i second that what Invisible Rockers (Top choice btw) said :D !

    i'm loving this tune since i heard it the very first time in a mix called Q107 FM Musicradio in 86 /87 along with tunes by Brothers Supreme's We Can't... (my alltime fav), Spin Master's Brothers,Freestyle's Don't Stop..., Jamie Jupitor's Computer Power, Egyptian Love's Dance, 2 Live Crew's What I Like and more...

    a real nice mix imo what brings me always back the great moments i had with my crew when i gave /give it a listen.

    5 Stars !!! :D :D :D

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    Sssssh!!! Nobodys watching or looking, so how about uploading it ? :D

    Sssssh kaos, look here ******************************
    but hurry up, ya know leechers are evrywhere ;D

    Hello Seb, here i am ;D

    i thought we just waiting for your "tons of more vocoders" ?! don't have the time for sharing those "tons", right :D

    too pity as i counted on your wide spreaded knowledge and thought you could teach me about it as you know im always willing to learn ;D ;D ;D

    in full respect,

    aladin :*

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    sure contact mr ali, king of knowledge and master of the vocoder, he will gave you all tunes who are 100.000% 24 karat gold..purest pitched voice, no other vocal...and definitly not contaminated with any other vocal effects.....JUST PUREST VOCODER....he knows it man! only he should mendoine tunes here anymore... ;D

    and now sorry gents, its late, my girl is waiting for me :D :D :D

    Sebastian, i'm ashamed :* be true i know only a bit from this genre in comparison with docotrcrack :ugly:
    hes the true master, the mista tons of more vocoders (maan what a name..just great :D :D )

    the tracks you mentioned are real nice e.g. LA vs NY..melody vocoder as its best.

    if you need some tracks feel free to contact us :)

    bidibidbidbidi....offline :cylon:

    oh my darling, you totally misunderstood me when you think i've attacked only you, i just wanna have some fun )like Ciny Lauper hoho ;D (but only in this thread)

    no i don't know the difference between talkbox and vocoder,,,can u teach me please please please ? ;D ;D ;D

    no no no i don't let u go Mr Tons of more vocoders, keep ur word and post them tons ;) :D :D

    bidibidibidi :cylon: datatrans....----tilt :ugly:

    thx 4 asking, my lamb is near by me and works great..but think today it wasn't a crack day 4 you :ugly: :* ;D

    read clearly what i wrote: (apart from Captain K, Projeckt III or We Down Express if you call them also vocoder).

    think you need really some advices to understand this ;D ;D ;D

    "I'm looking for some vocoder trax.... where the "vocoder voice" raps across the entire track something like: "Scorpio" GMF&F5 or "Break dance electric boogie" by West street mob..."

    Double D - normal voice synchron with vocoder (not vocoder only!) refrain normal voice
    We Down Express - pitched voices with vocoder (not vocoder only!)
    Velocity - Unemployed (normal voice+pitched voice and vocoder (not vocoder only!)
    Sir-Muzic (normal voice + minimum of vocoder) (not vocoder only!)
    like Seduction & Jimmy Lewis 8) 8)

    i didn't check the whole song by Rickie Clark when i mentioned it but ok after checking it has 80% vocoder and the rest is pitched up voices. ;)


    i know you have added "ebay scans" from the velocity record to discogs..and im sure you also liked the 1min sample from ebay..but if you would own that 7" and if you could check the FULL track, you would hear the vocoder from the start to the end...

    look above for the track discription and btw. what's the point of writing this in apostrophes "ebay scans" ?
    not good enough? imo better big ebay scans then mini scans where you need a microscope to read whats written on the label..not helpful for a contribution!.

    ok mr. tons of more vocoders, dig them out, can't wait. :D :D transfer off :cylon:

    i can tell ya why, scavenjah asked for:

    Quote from scavenjah;10043

    I'm looking for some vocoder trax.... where the "vocoder voice" raps across the entire track something like: "Scorpio" GMF&F5 or "Break dance electric boogie" by West street mob...

    Need ya help...

    and these jams you've mentioned aren't tracks where the vocoder raps across the entire track (apart from Captain K, Projeckt III or We Down Express if you call them also vocoder) ;) :D :D

    bidibidibidi---data transfer end! :cylon:

    you can see that on many issues especially on these below

    Bobby LoveJoy & Peter Love - Oh Maryann bw People Act Funny

    Trouble Funk - Spin Time bw Share Your Love

    Eric G. And The Juice Troop - Something For My D.J. bw Good Company

    P.C. Crew - Dougee Fresh Vs. The Beat Box bw Space Invadas

    Sundance - Who We Are bw When I Look At You

    Quote from BHOSE

    Herbie Hancock's I THOUGHT IT WAS YOU, and Kleer's TONIGHT, two great vocoder jams' that came out in the context of the soul/funk 80's scene but fit the criteria (vocoder all the way through) and top trax as well.

    Herbie Hancock


    good lookin m8 ;)
    these are real nice funk vocoder jams.

    a few more for ya'll vocoder freakz

    Rodney Stepp - Break Out

    Mr. Holiday feat. MC Miker "G" - LA against NY

    Whodini - Haunted House Of Rock (vocoder version)

    Schoolly D - Maniac

    B+ - B-Beat Classic

    Ose - Computer Funk

    The Rickie Clark Company - Time To Throw Down

    Byron Davis & The Fresh Krew feat. Special K.M.C. - Soundmasters Groove

    Sir Mix-A-Lot - Electro Scratch (Beat & Rap by KID SENSATION)

    The Pet Shop Boys - Pet Shop Boys

    Steve Green - Video Reaction (instru)