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    Analogue Beats if possible - Through a desk with any compression needed done with a valve, and then onto tape before hitting vinyl.
    why bother with all the analogue attention to just convert it to digital and stick it on a cd or website

    looks good.

    I've seen the MB 808 before and wouldn't mind building, but i'm useless with electronics.

    I'm good with a soldering iron, but when it comes to knowing what things are meant to do, and testing - i'm just a buffoon.

    I built a midibox SID, after years of having the parts, but just can't get it to work, despite everything seeming to be in the correct places. its very frustrating, i simply don't know where i've gone wrong with it and it sorta knocks my confidence when it comes to building anything else.

    got a heads up on some places the other month (for my midibox SID when it finally starts working) but forgot to save them.

    There are some pretty good sites based around building eq's, channel strips and compressors, and I'm certain that I saw a mention of some cheap metal etching in there.

    possibly in

    though i'm not sure.

    Yeah - i got the MoPhO for my birthday, and this is the 4 voice (1/2 prophet 08) version. Amazingly easy to use, even without the pc/mac control interface programme.
    I thik once i've got a new compressor, serviced the desk, build some bass traps etc etc etc i'll think about getting one - just too skint right now.

    That said, its an absolute bargain for a truely analogue synth.
    Like I said, I've got the Mopho and that is FAT!!!