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    I will be forced to SAY NO to Streetsounds Electro Chart because the chart no have a transparent democratic process to choose the tracks.

    Lot´s of Compilations sended for lots of Brazilian People / Projects sended to street sounds.
    Any of these projects get into the chart.

    I´m promoted street sounds here and Brazilian people don´t have a respectable feedback for many time.

    For example:

    "Bloco Electro" (It´s a UK Project no?) it´s part of Nu Electro 3 right and no have any root´s, things or feeling of brazilian culture. Rio Funk Remix? Just have a vocals on portuguese no more no less!

    Ask for Brazilian Electro Founders like a Dj´s NAZZ (Carlos Machado), Mr. Funk Santos, Cientista DJ and some others what´s is brazilian electro of brazilian old school electro funk!

    Don´t ask for people on mainstream of Carioca Funk Here ask for underground and ancient dj´s what´s is the funk carioca (Rio Funk)!

    I honestly do not know why part of people keep subdued the Brazilians as sub-race.

    I see that the big projects here most of electro original buiding it without a sophisticated equipment for production. But lot´s of creativity envolved. For example i have lot´s of reasons to belive street sounds not be respect diferences of brazilian electro funk/bass/techno bass and breaks new school.

    Bloco Electro - My Beatbox Rox! (Rio Funk Remix) no have any elements of Brazilian Electro Funk Old School! Seriously, I believe it´s a pure marketing ploy! The Music is not bad but no have brazilian electro elements.

    I represent a community with more than 50 underground disc jockey and producers in Brazil. and they really expect to be treated with more respect and dignity while respecting the differences of production without preconceptions.

    For this people remember Brazil TAKES OFF!

    Have a open market for electro here more then 1.000.000 of potential consumers.

    And finally.

    I want people need be more united arround the REAL electro cause!
    I hope people treat each other with more respect for the pioneers of electro!
    I also hope that at least here in Brazil. I fought for this so that the real electro is recognized and remembered because electro funk is not electro house!

    It´s time for united the people not time for spit the people!

    If we fight and we do not respect each other. Isolated actions will not make the mainstream recognize the importance of true electro and provide him his proper place which is her right!

    Have fought for space with with raves (psy), new school house clubs, with his own new school funk carioca tamborzão (big drums) with his words, apologies to porn, weapons and drugs. We want the electro is something that unites people and helps in educating young people. This is purpose of brazilian electro crew here!

    Peace, Love and Respect,
    Rodriggo di Moglia.
    Sarapuhy Beats.
    Interasom Project.

    Try organize a gigs and parties and show your music and music of your friends (people on this site for example) 30 or 60 min of new tracks or mixing with existent and know tracks for people.

    Now electro like people on this site like and love is aways underground a select group of people like intusiasts and dj´s purchace, listen and get it.

    I sugest a parallel work with mainstream sonds like electro house, trance, pop and "hip-pop" and floor oriented to make a money. if you want make money with produtions in my opinion electro house tracks it´s more simple to produce and results is more faster. Make mokey and produce things like you love like electro funk, create a pseudo name for it i create one for electro house tracks and anyone know who I am =P

    Electro like you and me love it´s like a rare wine bottle not all of people will be apreciate. And not all of dj´s is capable of produce and show it for people. Electro is verry, verry, verry experimental.

    Hi queiroz fellas,

    Im using Linux Multimedia Studio



    And some other audio softwares interconected with a JACK archtechture. and (Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plugin API) LADSPA its like a VST. have all this things configurated and a low latency kernel especifically for multimedia sound produtions.

    Some times on windows im using fl studio and my jupter-8 obviouslly. =D

    Left on my set a hardware vocoder and a midi controller.

    Regards from brazil.

    Hi people i need a help or hand. i try make simillar sonority like a modern some florida breaks like trashy, deekline, infiniti or nu electro tracks like inter continental bass express, Beat Technician. In both of cases i can reproduces the same snare loudness i have lots of snare samplers including 808 and 909 samplers. not found any simmilar sampling :-[ any one can give-me a way to make this. regards. 8)