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      12:45 DJ Zona
      11:45 DJ Shinma
      10:45 Figit
      9:45 Cathexis
      8:45 Jah killin/Scooter
      7:45 P.O.W.
      6:45 iSOBaric

      Jungle + Friends

      A Place Somewhere In Between Cleveland, Columbus And Detroit Where Friends Who Love Jungle Can Come Together Just To Drop Some Drum And Bass And Kick It.

      Kind Of A Good Ole' House Party Vibe......
      But, I Wanted Us All To Have A Decent Environment, That's Not Just Someone's Living Room Or Basement... And With A Bar LoL
      So, I got Us An Actual Venue, Which Also Means We Can Crank It Up And Not Have To Worry About The Neighbors!
      ....But This Is That Kind Of Deal.... Just Good People Who Are Friends, Hanging Out With Great Music

      It's About An Hour Closer To Detroit For Our Detroit Friends, And About An Hour From Cleveland And Columbus.

      There Are Several Hotels Nearby Ranging From Cheap To Nice.

      This Event Is Free Of Charge, As It Is Not Actually An Event... Just Some Heads Getting Together And Sharing One Love.

      Feel Free To Invite Whomever You Like However, As The Venue Will Hold Plenty Of Us.