Debonaire Records: Taking It To The Max Since The Birth Of Electro Bass Music (Interview)

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    • Debonaire Records: Taking It To The Max Since The Birth Of Electro Bass Music (Interview)

      Ever since the late '80s, a strong force within the Miami Bass scene began to emerge as a new sound was being forged out of the booming 808 beats, high-energy rhythms and controversial concepts found in the music of 2 Live Crew and the like; what would eventually become known to many as Techno Bass, or Car Audio Bass Music if you were in the region and witnessed this fascinating time period. Bringing many timeless classics like Tricky D's "Take It To The Max", Breezy Beat MC's "Shake The Joint", and Dynamix II's hit 12" "Bass Generator/Ignition", Debonaire Records and its mastermind Claudio Barrella aka DJ Debonaire, have been on a non-stop quest to bring innovative, yet classic and soulful Electro Bass music to the masses, helping not just to evolve what had been a huge sound in the area long ago, but also giving the dying Electro Funk style new life as it faced worldwide decline in the late 1980's; which via Miami and Detroit and the Techno Bass phenomenon, saw the birth of a whole new generation of "Electro" music that for nearly 30 years now continues to evolve into something most of us couldn't have expected. At the forefront of it all, is still one of the pioneers of this sound, a man who knows no limits, and bows to no one. The bass generator himself, who here sits down for a brief interview, discussing his new project "Electro Novocaine", as well as production tips, and what he sees for the future and his imprint. Without further ado, let's get into it!

      Santino Fernandez: Welcome Claudio! Huge honor to have you do this interview with me. I wanted to briefly catch up with you as you have a new project out on your imprint Debonaire Records, perhaps even get into some other things that have been going since the label’s re-launch back in 2007. But let's talk about your new project first though, "Electro Novocaine". What are you up to this time around? You come up with these very eccentric, slightly comedic, but always musically fascinating concepts; and this one seems to be up there with the very best. I have really enjoyed the tunes so far. What’s the idea behind it?

      Claudio Barrella: Inspiration strikes unexpectedly. I’ve been a victim of a herniated disc for over a decade (probably from too many windmills as a kid). For those who are not familiar, it is a condition where soft tissue between vertebra bulges and causes pressure on sciatic and spinal nerves. Mind altering pain! One morning due to intense pain, I wound up in the emergency room and was consequently juiced up with Morphine while awaiting results from X-rays and MRI scans. During this euphoric high from the meds, I expressed the numbness sensation on my spine to that of Novocaine. During my wait an older but attractive nurse (yes, female) was making her...Read more!