DMC Videos Wanted

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    • DMC Videos Wanted

      Not been on here for years but wanted to ask any of you guys if you still have any of the older DMC videos in your possession and would like to sell them to someone who wants to archive them all (like myself).

      I am looking for any of these

      Any of the UK Finals from 1988 - 1997
      Any of the USA Finals from 1989 - 1995
      Both European Finals 1989 & 1990
      I have an original of the 1988 Eliminations but it's a bit jumpy so need a better original
      Last but needed very much is the 1990 World Eliminations

      Someone must have one of these collecting dust PM me if you want to get rid or would be willing to send them to me (will also send them back asap) so I can capture them and
      I will sort you out with all the conversions I have already done of my own in return.

      Many thanks