Street Sounds Nu Electro Vol.1

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    • Street Sounds Nu Electro Vol.1

      I've just received this press release from Morgan Khan. Sounds interesting!

      PRESS RELEASE - 08.12.2008

      In 1982 a collection of albums were released that would change the world forever for millions of people. These albums were on the iconic Street Sounds Record Label and for almost a decade epitomised the sound of the street and were pivotal in changing the face of music, club and street culture. The innovative Street Sounds compilations have become essential classics, with many of the various compilations becoming seminal collectors’ items and genre defining albums. One of the most successful of the Street Sounds series were the Electro albums. Many journalists and music historians have accredited the Street Sounds Electro compilations as introducing the Electro/Hip Hop genre to the mainstream UK population as well as launching many new artists.

      In 2004 Universal Music UK, recognizing the importance and influence of the Street Sounds brand today, approached me to compile and oversee a major TV album and licence to them the Street Sounds name to use on the album called “The Definitive Electro & Hip Hop Collection” - a ‘best of’ from the Electro era. The album was a tremendous sales success and the collective response from the media, public and retail was that this success was down to various reasons including, the continued interest in Electro, the repertoire had stood the test of time and was still as exciting and relevant to a new generation of record buyer and finally thousands of loyal Street Sounds fans had gone out and bought the album simply because it was on the Street Sounds label. Many of today’s most successful artists have used, reproduced or sampled from Electro tracks including LL Cool J feat. Jennifer Lopez, "Control Myself" and Missy Elliot, "Lose Control" to name just two. What a testament to a music form created 25 years ago!

      I have been listening to fresh and exciting new styles of music particularly Nu Skool Electro (and other sub-genres), created by innovative and talented artists and producers in the UK, Europe and the States, including many of the original Electro pioneers and legends. A few of these ‘masters of the turntable’ are recording new material and re-recording or remixing some of their classics. I have been bombarded by letters, emails and mp3s of new material over the last few months since word first got out that the Street Sounds label ‘might’ be releasing new albums. It is also happily (and coincidentally) the 25th anniversary of Electro 1’s 1983 release, which has led me to make probably the most important and momentous decision of my life (so far)…and what a better time! Let me now tell you officially, STREET SOUNDS IS BACK! In a few weeks we will release the first new Street Sounds album; Street Sounds Nu Skool Electro vol.1. Nu Skool Electro is arguably one of the most eagerly anticipated new album releases for years and will combine various genres and sub-genres of Nu Skool Electro including Booty, Ghetto, Bass, Breaks, Funk and Breakbeat. We are finalizing the track listing for vol.1 and are looking for tracks for the album. Please contact me by email or via the website.

      Street Sounds has launched today its new and first ever official website this week; the website URL is

      As well as the Nu Skool Electro compilation series, there will be many new facets to the Street Sounds brand, which will include:

      1. Release of compilation albums in other music genres but within the classification of ‘Black/Street Music’. The first of these other series will be Urban Street Anthems; a collection of the freshest most-essential contemporary R’n’B tunes from the hottest U.S. record labels, recording studios and independent production houses. Urban Street Anthems volume 2 carries on where the hugely successful and highly acclaimed Urban Street Anthems volume 1 left off. Urban Street Anthems vol.2 is all about quality R’n’B flavas. This series is set to become a major platform for showcasing the next generation of R’n’B talent.
      2. The promotion, marketing, distribution and sales of artists, single artist albums and individual tracks in various genres but within the classification of ‘Black/Street Music’.
      3. Street Sounds A&R (SAR); on-line A&R and music community.
      4. Administration of music and publishing catalogues and individual tracks/songs. This will include the collection of money from the various copyright and performance agencies due to you from the sales, airplay or other exploitation of your works.
      5. Management and Artist representation.
      6. On-line specialist Download store.
      7. Street Sounds club nights and other events including Live artist concerts.
      8. Launch of Street Sounds Internet Radio (Press Release to follow).

      We are also looking for new tracks in other genres including R’n’B, Hip Hop, Dance (House etc.) to include on forthcoming Street Sounds albums; the most imminent of these releases is Urban Street Anthems vol.2. We are also looking for artists and producers to represent as well as DJs for Street Sounds Radio. We are also interested in business proposals and working with people with innovative and creative ideas. I cannot emphasize enough how important the Street Sound albums will be for breaking new artists and tracks. I hope I can count on your support and look forward to discussing the numerous opportunities we will have in working together. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like any additional information. Believe me, the best is yet to come!

      Respect & Love,

      Morgan Khan

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    • Press Release From Morgan Khan

      This is fantastic news - there are very few individuals with such a credible and legitimate history and involvement with black music in the UK as Morgan Khan. The 'Streetsounds' label deserves our support.

      155 :)
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    • Press Release From Morgan Khan

      The1TheyCallLeeroy wrote:

      the thing is... or is it just me... if this has been going on for sum time how come nobody in the so called new school peeps amoung us havent heard a dicky bird about it


      and why is the forum on that site stone cold dead if everyone is buzzing about it

      just what i was thinking lee.
    • Press Release From Morgan Khan

      well tony before you come on here mate telling people what to do get ya facts right first, a few years ago morgan came on here saying he was gonna do this and that and the other esp a uk fresh to celebrate electro, he promised top quality old skool performers many of whom hadnt been seen or heard of for a few years and this event was gonna be massive and many including myself paid for tkts only to be told it was cancelled many people had paid for flights etc to attend this event with no refund for their troubles and even getting refunds for the tickets was hard enuff so that is why a lot of people are sceptical or mr khan.
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    • Press Release From Morgan Khan

      the website was up and running a few year ago when the uk fresh even was planned, it may be legit but a lot of ppl might still be wary. once bitten plus he waould have to meet the ppl who are putting trax onto it as they would have to sign a contract for the royalties etc ::)
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    • Press Release From Morgan Khan

      Hecg, most contracts are done by fax or mail nowadays. I have yet to meet many of the people I have done deals with, including our own Matthias.

      I have already posted more than once on the UK Fresh thing. I have intimate and firsthand knowledge of what happened. It was NOT Morgan's fault, as his choice was either to cancel or put on the show with only 2 or 3 acts.

      For the record, Morgan called me over the weekend, and I have been working with DST on this since he first contacted me on MySpace. This is indeed legit.
    • Press Release From Morgan Khan

      I do hope this project is successful and has the same impact on the new generation of electro heads that it had on my generation. The Electro series were essential listening albums, and a national institution during the 80s. Even when I started buying imports, I still wanted to hear the DJ mix on each one.

      If you would like me to keep my listeners up to date please let me know the details as and when it all happens,


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