Dropping tapes

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    • Dropping tapes

      whats up family I have a few tapes I have dropped at the site I frequent.


      The tapes are tapes from my list old school hip hop tapes list. I have over 200 plus.

      Cold Crush 4, Fantastic 5, Soul Sonic Force, Cosmic Force, Funk Machine, Treacherous 3, Master Don and The Def Committee, L Brothers, Johnny Wa and Rayvon etc. At places like Harlem World, T Connection, Bronx River, Hoe Avenue etc.

      thafoundation.com/troylist2.htm is my home site so you can read about my tapes, interviews and stories. This site is Jayquan's and allowed me to rock with him.

      I am new to this site so I hope I have not broken any rules. Meaning I hope I am not spamming if so it will not happen again. And my apologies.

      Troy L. from HARLEM, One
    • I think you're fine with the tapes Troy. Thanks for sharing. We have a stricter mp3 posting policy over here than OSHH, but if it was from a tape that was never for sale it would be fine anyway.
      My rhymes are so potent that in this small segment I made all of the ladies in the area pregnant.